Highlights and images for 15 October 2018



Family photo of 2018 AGM delegates

2018 AGM Delegates to the 14th Annual General Meeting of the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) convened in Geneva, Switzerland, for a one-day pre-meeting workshop and training event. IGF Chair Alexander Medina Herasme, Director General of Mining, Dominican Republic, opened the workshop, and Greg Radford, Director, IGF Secretariat provided an update on the Secretariat’s work, noting progress made on engagement and outreach, the Mining Policy Framework (MPF) assessment methodology, and capacity building and technical support. Matthew Bliss, Deputy Director, IGF Secretariat, highlighted the success of the Secretariat’s work within the regions and with regional organizations.Staff of the IGF Secretariat and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) briefed delegates on improvements to the MPF assessment methodology, and the recently-completed policy guidance on local content. They invited feedback on the draft guidance document on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).Workshop participants from several developing countries expressed interest in how the MPF assessment methodology could help them to better explore their mining resources, attract stable investment, and add value for local communities. On ESIA, they welcomed assessments that integrate economic, social and environmental concerns. Other issues raised included the need for periodic reporting over the course of long-term mining projects, establishing multi-stakeholder monitoring mechanisms, and possible compensation of local communities affected by mining.At the end of the day, delegates took part in a facilitated discussion of regional priorities, and posed for a group photo.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera

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Greg Radford, Director, IGF Secretariat, and Alexander Medina, Chair, IGF
Matthew Bliss, Deputy Director, IGF Secretariat
Alec Crawford, IGF Secretariat
Saadou Nimaga, Guinea
Ahmed Haron Eltom, Ministry of Minerals, Sudan
Robert Jeffery Elzinga, Global Affairs Canada
Delegates during the session
Local Content Policy Guidance Trading
Aaron Cosbey, IISD
Isabelle Ramdoo, IGF Secretariat
Teresa Macayo Marín, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peru
Sylvain Some, Burkina Faso
Priscila Armijos Silva, Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, Ecuador
Lourdes Nancy Tarqui Blanco, Ministry of Mines and Metallurgy, Bolivia
Participants consult with Isabelle Ramdoo, IGF Secretariat
Consultation on ESIA Guidance Document
L-R: Marina Ruete, IGF Secretariat; Kristi Disney, Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG); Suzy Nikièma, IGF Secretariat; Clémence Naré, IGF Secretariat; and Alexander Medina, Chair, IGF
Kristi Disney, SDSG
Clémence Naré, IGF Secretariat
Marina Ruete, IGF Secretariat
Bafa Sangaré, Ministry of Mines, Mali
Fati Garba Soga, Ministry of Mines, Niger
Rokhaya Samba, Ministry of Mines and Geology, Senegal
Participants during the session
Facilitated Discussion on Regional Priorities
Delegates from Francophone Africa discuss regional priorities in two groups
Delegates from the Americas
Around the Venue
Carlos Miranda, Global Affairs Canada, and Pablo Andrés Jauregui Ascarate, Uruguay
Delegates during informal consultations
The delegation from Guinea