Highlights and images for 1 May 2017



Plenary convened in a joint session of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention COPs on Monday morning to hear reports from contact groups. In the morning, Basel Convention (BC) COP 13 convened to consider issues related to the BC Partnership Programme. The Stockholm Convention (SC) COP 8 convened in the late morning to take several decisions, including on the listing of HCBD, decaBDE and SCCPs.

In the afternoon, BC COP 13 convened briefly to adopt two decisions, including on the Cartagena Declaration. This was followed by a short session of the SC COP 8, during which delegates adopted a decision on PCBs.

Contact groups met throughout the day to address: budget, BC compliance, BC technical matters, BC strategic matters, and Rotterdam Convention effectiveness. In addition, informal groups met on financial resources and on PCBs.

Side events were held during the lunch break and in the evening to address a range of topics, including: improving national reporting under the BC; the roadmap for activities under the Environmental Network for Optimizing Regulatory Compliance on Illegal Traffic (ENFORCE); a synergetic approach to the BRS and Minamata Conventions; development of tools to counter illegal management and trade of waste; using the Bamako and Basel Conventions to stop the export to Africa of toxic substances and waste; and the e-trash transparency project.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Morning Plenary

COP Presidents and the BRS Secretariat speak before the start of plenary

Yorg Aerts, Belgium, Co-Chair of the Contact Group on Basel Convention Strategic Matters

Juan Ignacio Simonelli, Argentina, Co-Chair of the Contact Group on Basel Convention Compliance

Magda Gosk, Poland, Co-Chair of Contact Group on Basel Convention Technical Matters

Marco Buletti, Switzerland, Co-Chair of the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE)

Jane Stratford, UK, Co-Chair of the Contact Group on Synergies and Joint Issues

David Ogden, BRS Secretariat

Henry Williams, Liberia

Leila Devia, Argentina, Chair of ENFORCE

Yingxian Xia, China

Anil Kumar Rai, India

Motsamai Stanley Damane, Lesotho

Amina Beibitova, Kazakhstan

Satryo Bramono Brotodiningrat, Indonesia

Joe DiGangi, International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)

Gabriela Nair Medina Amarante, Uruguay, Co-Chair of the Informal Group on Household Waste

Peter Ayuk Enoh, Cameroon

Contact Groups Throughout the Day

Contact Group on Basel Convention Technical Matters

Contact Group on Basel Convention Compliance

Contact Group on Basel Convention Strategic Matters

Afternoon Plenary

View of the dais during afternoon plenary

Sam Adu-Kumi, Stockholm Convention COP 8 President

Kei Ohno, BRS Secretariat

Mohammed Khashashneh, Basel Convention COP 13 President

Informal consultation takes place with the EU and Iran to finalise the negotiating text

Decisions specific to the Stockholm Convention are adopted

Side Events Throughout the Day

Panel speakers for the side event titled 'Synergetic approach to BRS and Minamata Conventions' hosted by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Switzerland, BRS and Minamata Secretariats

Side event titled 'Roadmap for activities under the ENFORCE' hosted by members of ENFORCE and the Green Customs Initiative

Around the Venue

Delegates from Indonesia

Delegates from Norway

Delegates from Sao Tome and Principe

Delegates from Morocco

Delegates from Mongolia

Delegates from Turkey

Mark Trewhitt, CropLife International

Layla Hughes, Center for International Environmental Law

Delegates between sessions

Delegates exchange contact details

James Mulolo, Basel Convention Regional Centre (BCRC)-South Africa, shares a message of what needs to be 'detoxed' in the world

Swiss chocolates on display


Negotiating blocs
European Union