Highlights and images for 29 August 2019


Highlights for Thursday, 29 August 2019

Parrotfish from Mexico, photo by Marcelo Halpern

The third session of the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) met throughout the day and into the evening in an informal working group setting to address environmental impact assessments (EIAs), and cross-cutting issues. Delegates also met briefly in an “informal-informal” to consider marine genetic resources, including questions on benefit-sharing.Thursday saw the end of the informal-informals, and comprehensive, prolonged discussions on the remaining issues in the draft text of a future international legally binding instrument.Highlights of the day included, inter alia:

  • Discussions in the informal working group on cross-cutting issues, notably related to institutional arrangements, and dispute-settlement; and
  • Discussions in the informal working group on EIAs, touching on the content of EIA reports, their publication, and consideration and review.
  • In the corridors, one weary delegate wondered “why didn’t we put in more hours during the first week when everyone was still fresh and in good spirits,” referring to the final push to try to complete all the work related to the draft text. Looking ahead, Friday promises an important discussion on the way forward, with some delegates confiding “we are not sure we can see the light at the end of this tunnel to a High Seas agreement just yet.”For more details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

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    Photos by IISD/ENB | Francis Dejon

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    Informal Working Group
    René Lefeber, the Netherlands, Facilitator of the informal working group on EIAs
    L-R: René Lefeber, the Netherlands, Facilitator of the informal working group on EIAs; Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli, Director, UN Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (UNDOALOS); and Michele Ameri, UNDOALOS
    Hala Khalil, Palestine, on behalf of the G-77/China
    Wini Broadbelt, EU
    Ayodhia Kalake, Indonesia
    Maria Pia Benosa, the Philippines
    Tetsuya Yoshimoto, Japan
    Therese Simpson Johansen, Norway
    Alain De Comarmond, Seychelles
    Elizabeth Kim, US
    Cyrill Martin, Switzerland
    Janice Mose, Solomon Islands, on behalf of the Pacific Small Island Developing States (P-SIDS)
    L-R: Justin Whyatt, Australia, with Heath Synnott, Australia
    L-R: Yocasta Valenzuela, Dominican Republic, in consultation with Mehdi Remaoun, Algeria
    Duncan Currie, High Seas Alliance
    Yordanka Stoimenova, Canada
    Lionel Yee, Singapore
    Sergey Leonidchenko, Russian Federation
    Kahlil Hassanali, Trinidad and Tobago, on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
    Carlos Mata, Uruguay, on behalf of the Like-Minded Latin American Countries
    Huang Yingni, China
    Sira Swangsilpa, Thailand
    Heath Synnott, Australia
    Kukhyun Ahn, Republic of Korea
    Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
    Roderick Harte, EU
    L-R: Miguel de Serpa Soares, Secretary-General of the IGC, Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and UN Legal Counsel; IGC President Rena Lee, Singapore, and Facilitator of the informal working group on cross-cutting issues; and Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli, Director, UNDOALOS
    Tom Diederen, EU
    Luke Roughton, New Zealand
    Diedre Mills, Jamaica, on behalf of CARICOM
    Margo Deiye, Nauru, on behalf of P-SIDS
    Alejandro Celorio, Mexico, on behalf of the Like-Minded Latin American Countries
    Matthías Pálsson, Iceland
    L-R: Alice de Juvigny and Kent Bressie, International Cable Protection Committee
    L-R: Ina Tessnow-von Wysocki and Alice Vadrot, University of Vienna
    Delegates from the Maldives in conversation with delegates from Australia
    L-R: Florian Botto, Monaco, with Leonito Bacalando Jr., Federated States of Micronesia