Highlights and images of main proceedings for 4 October 2018

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Highlights for Thursday, 4 October 2018

Representatives of various NGOs meet informally on the second to last day of SC70

CITES SC70 Participants to the 70th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC) of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) reconvened for a fourth long day of discussions. In the morning, the CITES Secretariat welcomed progress made by several countries in harmonizing national legislation with the Convention. She noted that Angola, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritania, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan have reported progress on legislation under the National Legislation Project review. She also highlighted that Mongolia, Botswana, and Kazakhstan, originally in the list of countries that have not reported any legislative progress, have taken steps to remedy the situation. Uzbekistan welcomed the support of the Secretariat and noted that the new legislation will be ready by the end of 2018. Two countries, Ecuador and Comoros, have not shown progress on legislation and the Secretariat stated there will be a suspension in commercial trade after 60 days. The Secretariat also noted that several countries have failed to submit national reports for consecutive years and could be subject to commercial trade suspensions if the submission deadline of Oct. 31, 2018 is not met.On trade in live elephants, the SC requested the Secretariat to consult with parties whose elephants are listed in Appendix II and have exported live elephants to non-elephant range states and to seek information on how importing states made their determination on suitable housing and care. The SC also discussed:

  • enforcement issues;
  • illegal trade in cheetah;
  • sturgeons and paddlefish;
  • humphead wrasse; and
  • sharks and rays.
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    Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth

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    Morning Session
    Delegates in plenary during the morning session
    Sarah Bagnall, New Zealand
    Mathias Lörtscher, Switzerland, Chair of the Animals Committee
    Nariman Zhunussov, Kazakhstan
    Elena Abdullaeva, Uzbekistan
    Pamela Scruggs, US
    Felix Monggae, Botswana
    Tatsiana Zhaliaznova, Belarus
    Jamel Tahiri, Tunisia
    Olga Kumalo, South Africa
    Afternoon Session
    Delegates gather during the afternoon session
    Elizabeth Ebahi Omonyemen Ehiebewele, Nigeria
    Anton Mezhnev, Russian Federation
    Ali Laoual Abagana, Niger
    Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim, Malaysia
    Delegates speak informally
    Agung Nugroho, Indonesia
    Doreen Mutung'a, Kenya
    Abba Sonko, Senegal
    Madeleine Harper, Australia
    Evening Session
    View of the dais during the evening plenary
    Fabiola Rocio Nuñez Neyra, Peru
    Simon Nemtzov, Israel
    Hirohide Matsushima, Japan
    Christiane Roettger, Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)
    Yumi Okochi, Global Guardian Trust
    Kim Friedman, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
    Around the Venue
    An umbrella dries after a day of heavy rain
    Delegates from the Netherlands
    Ali Mansoor Abbas Abdullah, Bahrain
    Delegates from the United Arab Emirates
    Vanesa Tossenberger, Argentina
    Delegates between sessions
    A delegate visits the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Earth Negotiations Bulletin website to see coverage of the meeting
    Delegates speak informally


    Non-state coalitions