Highlights and images for 27 June 2018



Hans Friederich, Director-General, INBAR, receives a pledge from Li Nuyun, China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF), affirming commitment to making BARC 2018 a carbon-neutral event.

BARC 2018 The final day of the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2018) focused on technology innovations and business. Scientists and entrepreneurs presented their work in developing high-performance bamboo-based materials that have been used in a wide variety of settings, for example, in building construction, transportation, and power utility poles. Participants also discussed the social aspects of bamboo and rattan in livelihoods and women’s empowerment. The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) Taskforce on Rattan Uses and Development launched a publication on ‘Rattan Terminologies,’ which provides a common lexicon for users. At the closing ceremony, Hans Friederich, Director-General, INBAR, announced several outcomes of BARC 2018, including a commitment by the Netherlands to lend support to a new phase of the Dutch-Sino-East Africa project, and several projects in the areas of training and biodiversity protection. Friederich also announced that the Beijing Declaration had in principle been agreed upon by all members of INBAR, and that the Secretariat would circulate an updated version in coming weeks.Li Nuyun, China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF), offered to offset the carbon emissions generated by participants’ travel to the Congress through a bamboo planting project in Yunnan province, China, and Friederich expressed satisfaction that the Congress can claim to be a genuinely carbon-neutral conference. He also presented an award to a representative of the volunteers who had supported the Congress, recognizing their contribution to making the Congress a success.Jiang Zehui, INBAR Co-Chair, congratulated all concerned on the success of the Congress, which had attracted ministerial-level delegates from over 30 countries. Peng Youdong, National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NGFA), expressed confidence that the Congress discussions would contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by 2030. INBAR Co-Chair William J.C. Hutchinson declared the Congress closed at 4.59 pm.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, provided daily digital web coverage and daily reports from BARC 2018. In addition, IISD Reporting Services, will publish a summary report from this Conference on Saturday, 30 June 2018.


Photos by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera


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High-Level Dialogue on Technology Innovation and Industry Development
Jiang Zehui, Chair, BARC Organizing Committee
Robert Nasi, Director-General, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Veerle Vandeweerd, Senior Advisor to the Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conferences (G-STIC)
John Hardi, Bali, Indonesia
John Hardi (right), presents a gift to Hans Friederich (left), Director-General, INBAR
Panelists and participants during the High-Level Dialogue
Ye Lin, President and General Manager, Zhejiang Xinzhou Bamboo-based Composites Technology Co., Ltd.
Yang Huanming, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), China
Jan van Dam, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Einar Haaveland, CEO, Ecopole, Norway
Parallel Session on Internationalisation of Bamboo and Rattan Standards
Jingyi Zhao, ISO/TC 296 Secretariat
A slide from Jingyi Zhao’s presentation
Karnita Yuniarti, Center for Forest Products Research and Development, Indonesia
A slide from Karnita Yuniarti’s presentation
Abel Olajide Olrunnisola, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
A slide from Abel Olajide Olrunnisola’s presentation
Parallel Session on Bamboo Composite Material - The Way Forward
L-R: Mateo Gutiérrez González, University of Queensland, Australia; Eduardo Trujillo, Co-Founder, The Bamboo Fibre Co., Colombia; Romildo D. Toledo Filho, President, Brazilian Society for Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies; Sean Steed, CEO, Change Climate Pty Ltd., Australia and Indonesia; B.N. Mohanty, Director, Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute (IPIRTI); and David Knight, CEO, Resource Fiber LLC, US
B.N. Mohanty, Director, IPIRTI, India
A slide from B.N. Mohanty’s presentation
Mateo Gutiérrez González, University of Queensland, Australia
A slide from Mateo Gutiérrez González’s presentation
Parallel Session on Green Transportation – Bamboo Bikes
Participants watched a video about the use of bamboo bikes in Africa
Bernice Dapaah, Ghana Bamboo Bikes
Michael Kwaku, Director, INBAR Office in Ghana
Charlie Du, Tus Holdings, China
A slide from Neelam Manjunath’s presentation
Neelam Manjunath, Bambike, the Philippines
Participants engage in discussion of bamboo bikes.
Bamboo bikes at the session
Parallel Session on Women, Bamboo and Rattan
L-R: Hannah Ryder, China Representative, China Africa Advisory; Durai Jayaraman, INBAR; Dancilla Mukakamari, Africa Women’s Network for Sustainable Development (REFADD); Janette Poku Akom, Kwanoka Farms and Processing; Gloria Asare Adu, Entrepreneur, Global Bamboo Products Ltd; and Markus Ihalainen, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Hannah Ryder, China Representative, China Africa Advisory
Gloria Asare Adu, Entrepreneur, Global Bamboo Products Ltd, and Markus Ihalainen, CIFOR
Markus Ihalainen, CIFOR
Janette Poku Akom, Kwanoka Farms and Processing
Parallel Session on Business Leaders Forum: Challenges and Opportunities for the Private Sector
L-R: María Emilia Caro, Eldorado Bambu; Vikida Yu, Fujian Heqichang Bamboo Product Co., Ltd.; Janette Poku Akom, Kwanoka Farms and Processing; Hormilson Cruz, Entrepreneur, Mexico
L-R: Mark Halle, INBAR Board of Trustees; Héctor Archila, Amphibia Group; Safaverdi Giafar, IKEA; Jorge Augusto Montoya, Guadua Federation of Colombia (FEDEGUADUA); and David Knight, Resource Fiber
Mark Halle, INBAR Board of Trustees
David Knight, Resource Fiber
Safaverdi Giafar, IKEA
María Emilia Caro, Eldorado Bambu
Jorge Augusto Montoya, FEDEGUADUA
A participant during the discussion
A participant asks a question to the panel
Hormilson Cruz, Entrepreneur, Mexico
A view of the room during the session
Parallel Session on The Ecosystem Services and Economic Benefits
Tam Le Viet, WWF
A slide from Tam Le Viet’s presentation
Sreekumar V.B., Taskforce on Rattan Uses and Development (TFR)
A slide from Sreekumar V.B.’s presentation
Zhu Zhaohua, Zhejiang A & F University, China
A slide from Zhu Zhaohua’s presentation
Rafiqul Haider, TFR
A slide from Rafiqul Haider’s presentation
Parallel Session on International Perspectives and Applications of Bamboo for Renewable Energy
Ximena Londoño, President, Colombia Bamboo Association
A slide from Ximena Londoño’s presentation
Rocío Díaz-Chávez, Stockholm Environmental Institute Africa Centre
A slide from Rocío Díaz-Chávez’s presentation
Gloria Asare Adu, CEO, Global Bamboo Products Ltd., Ghana
A slide from Gloria Asare Adu’s presentation
Closing Ceremony
Hans Friederich, Director-General, INBAR
William J.C. Hutchinson, Minister Without Portfolio, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Jamaica
Li Nuyun, CGCF
Li Nuyun, CGCF, presents a donation to a project partner for planting bamboo in Yunnan province, China, which will offset the carbon emissions generated by Congress travel.
A representative from Yunnan Suge Horticulture Engineering Co. Ltd. donates US$ 15,153 to CGCF
Hans Friederich presents an award to a representative of the volunteers
Jiang Zehui, INBAR Co-Chair
Peng Youdong, National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NGFA)
Participants at the BARC 2018 closing ceremony
Around the Venue
The IISD team at BARC 2018. L-R: Delia Paul, Malaysia/Australia; Laura Bullon-Cassis, Switzerland/Spain; Diego Noguera, Colombia; Keith Ripley, US; Elaine De la Rosa Limjoco, the Philippines; and Wang Yan, China.