Highlights and images for 19 June 2018


The nineteenth meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (ICP-19) resumed on Tuesday, 19 June 2018, at UN Headquarters in New York. In morning and afternoon sessions, panel discussions continued to focus on sources and environmental and socioeconomic aspects of anthropogenic underwater noise. In the final afternoon panel, the session focused on cooperation and coordination among conventions and agencies in addressing anthropogenic underwater noise.

On impacts of underwater noise on marine fauna, key points included: the range of effects on different marine animals, with an emphasis on communication; cascading effects of noise on ecosystem and ecological services; the need for urgent action, even in the face of data gaps; cumulative impacts of underwater noise and other anthropogenic stressors; and the role of science in domestic policy-making.

On coordination and cooperation, presentation highlights included: guidelines on anthropogenic underwater noise developed by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) for use by governments conducting Environmental Impact Assessments; noise reduction benefits associated with the International Maritime Organization’s guidelines initially developed to protect seafarers; and the International Whaling Commission approach to addressing impacts.

During the lunch break, the Natural Resources Defense Council and OceanCare hosted a side event on “Managing Ocean Noise Pollution through the new BBNJ Instrument under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

IISD Reporting Services, through its Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Meeting Coverage, provided daily digital coverage from the 19th Meeting of the UN Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea. In addition IISD Reporting Services has published a summary and analysis report from the meeting, which is available in HTML and PDF.

Photos by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera
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Morning Panel on “Sources and Environmental and Socioeconomic Aspects of Anthropogenic Underwater Noise”

Participants during the session

Rudy Kloser, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia

A slide from Rudy Kloser’s presentation

Frank Thomsen, Central Dredging Association (CEDA)

Lindy Weilgart, OceanCare and Dalhousie University

Jonathan Vallarta, Iberoamericana University

A slide from Jonathan Vallarta’s presentation

Adrián Madirolas, National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development, Argentina

A slide from Adrián Madirolas’s presentation

Peter Tyack, University of St. Andrews

A slide from Peter Tyack’s presentation

Michael Jasny, Natural Resources Defense Council

Nadia Deckert, France

Valeria Chávez, Peru

Tomonari Akamatsu, Japan

Afternoon Panel on “Sources and Environmental and Socioeconomic Aspects of Anthropogenic Underwater Noise”

The dais during the session

Joseph Appiott, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

A slide from Joseph Appiott’s presentation

Andrew Carroll, Geoscience Australia

A slide from Andrew Carroll’s presentation

Nicolas Entrup, OceanCare

Nathan Merchant, United Kingdom

Bárbara Boëchat de Almeida, Brazil

Awni Behnam, International Ocean Institute (IOI)

Panel Discussion on “Cooperation and Coordination in Addressing Anthropogenic Underwater Noise”

The dais during the session

Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma, CMS

A slide from Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma’s presentation

Stefan Micallef, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Fredrik Haag, IMO

Rebecca Lent, International Whaling Commission

Melanie Lancaster, WWF-Canada

Delegates at the end of the session

Around the UN

Delegates follow the Soccer World Cup games between sessions