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Highlights for Thursday, 24 January 2019

GEO-6 authors group photo

The Intergovernmental Meeting on the Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) resumed for its final day on Thursday, 24 January 2019, at the UN Environment (UNEP) headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Delegates received the revised Summary for Policymakers (SPM) in the afternoon and met into the evening to review it, providing editorial changes to clarify and correct language discussed earlier in the week. They agreed that the key messages of the SPM would be incorporated in a Co-Chairs’ summary to be forwarded to fourth UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) in March 2019 alongside the GEO-6 and SPM. During the closing session, several delegations thanked the Bureau for their work to streamline the text. Delegates also adopted the report of the meeting, which was presented by meeting rapporteur Aziza Geleta Dessalegn, Ethiopia. In his closing remarks, Jian Liu, UNEP Chief Scientist, thanked delegates for all their work in approving the SPM. Co-Chair Paolo Soprano, Italy, closed the meeting at 10:14 pm.

ENB+ Summary: The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary of GEO-6 will be available on Sunday 27 January 2018.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Mike Muzurakis

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Participants negotiating text.
Matthew Billot, UN Environment (UNEP), and Co-Chair Edgar Gutiérrez-Espeleta, Costa Rica
GEO-6 Assessment Co-Chair Joyeeta Gupta, India, with Matthew Billot, UNEP
Sebastian Gil, European Union
Maribe Mujinga Nsompo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Delegates from India and China conferring before the start of the meeting.
Thiyu Kohoga Essobiyou, Togo
Stuart Mangold, South Africa
From L-R: Pierre Boileau, Head of GEO-6 Unit; Idrees Malyar, Afghanistan; and Fintan Hurley, GEO-6 author
Lori Dando, US, and Sebastian Gil, EU
The Egyptian delegation
Delegates from Ethiopia conferring.
Delegates considering the new text.
Miriam Ott, Germany, and Lori Dando, US
Zhuo Zhuang, China, with Muhammad Asif Sahibzada, Pakistan
Ahmed Saber, Egypt, and Mohammed Mobarak Alshamlan, Saudi Arabia
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland, and Estelle Halimi, France
Pierre Boileau, Head of GEO-6 Unit, UNEP, and Pascale Collas, Canada
Mohamad Afana, Jordan
Alejandro Garofali, Uruguay
Fernando Coimbra, Brazil
Pierre Lamah, Guinea
From L-R: Pierre Boileau, Head of GEO-6 Unit; Adele Roccato, UNEP; and Co-Chair Paolo Soprano, Italy
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
James Mathew, India
Idrees Malyar, Afghanistan
Vanessa Lim, Singapore
Jian Liu, Chief Scientist, UNEP
Mariela Chervin, Martin Gronda, and Luciano Donadio Linares, Argentina
Edoardo Zandri, UNEP, with Ulf Björnholm, UNEP
Pedro Garcia Brito, Dominican Republic
Guri Sandborg, Norway
Aboua Gustave, Côte d'Ivoire
Mohammad Ichsan, Indonesia
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