Highlights and images for 24 February 2016



IPBES-4 delegates met in two contact groups throughout the day. Contact group I continued line-by-line negotiations of the summary for policy makers (SPM) of the thematic assessment on pollination, pollinators and food production. Contact group II addressed the scoping reports for a global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services and sustainable use, work on policy support tools and methodologies, procedures for the review of the Platform, and capacity building.

Negotiations in both contact groups continued into the night.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Sean Wu
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Contact Group on the Pollination Assessment

Co-Chair Robert Watson

Co-Chair Simon Potts

Paola Mosig, Mexico

Nestor Baguinon, the Philippines

Hélène Soubelet, France

Nikolay Sobolev, Russian Federation

Prudence Tangham Galega, Cameroon

Brenda McAfee, Canada

Agus Muktamar, Indonesia

Yasmina El Bahloul, Morocco

Britta Skagerfält, Sweden

The panel during the contact group on the pollination assessment

Jean-François Silvain and Hélène Soubelet, France, having informal consultations

José Luis Echeverría Tello, Guatemala

John Esitadimma Onyekuru, Nigeria

caption 1

caption 2


Merit Otsus, Estonia

Carlos Alberto Cattaneo, Argentina

David Reidmiller and Ann Bartuska, US

Agnès Hallosserie, France

Gemedo Dalle Tussie, Ethiopia

José Romero, Switzerland

Contact Group on a Global Assessment

The panel during the contact group on a global assessment

Co-Chair Ivar Baste

Paul Leadley, MEP

Doug Beard, US

Raju Babu Pudasaini, Nepal and Purna Chhetri, Bhutan

Andy Stott, UK

Luthando Dziba, South Africa

Leonel Sierralta, Chile

Contact Group on Policy Support Tools

The panel during the contact group on policy support tools

Brigitte Baptiste, Colombia

Hendrik Segers, Belgium

Carmel Mbizvo, South Africa

Mariam Akhtar-Schuster, Germany

Johannes Keune, Belgium

Participants Networking