Highlights and images for 24 November 2017



Montreal Protocol 30th Anniversary
The High-Level Segment (HLS) of the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention (COP 11) and the twenty-ninth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP 29) convened for its final day on Friday, 24 November 2017, in Montreal, Canada.

In the morning, plenary heard statements from heads of delegation, and updates from the Scientific Assessment Panel (SAP), Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) and the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP). Plenary then adjourned for contact groups and informal discussions to continue their deliberations.

The HLS plenary reconvened in the early evening to continue hearing statements from heads of delegation. The Preparatory Segment then reconvened for a stocktaking session and to close agenda items where possible. The Contact Groups on the Multilateral Fund (MLF) Replenishment and Energy Efficiency continue to meet in parallel.

10:00 pm - Plenary is scheduled to resume
10:34 pm - MLF Replenishment contact group concludes its work
11:00 pm
- Plenary is re-scheduled to resume
11:32 pm - Vienna Convention COP 11/MontrealProtocol MOP 29 final plenary reconvenes
12:34 pm - Vienna Convention COP 11/ Montreal Protocol MOP 29 plenary suspends to allow for consultations on the MLF replenishment draft decision
12:51 am - Vienna Convention COP 11/ Montreal Protocol MOP 29 Preparatory Segment closes
12:54 am - Vienna Convention COP 11/ Montreal Protocol MOP 29 HLS resumes
1:13 am - Vienna Convention COP 11/ Montreal Protocol MOP 29 adopts the decision on the MLF replenishment
The meeting closed on Saturday at 1:47 am

IISD Reporting Services, through its Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Meeting Coverage, has provided daily web coverage, daily reports, and a summary and analysis report from COP 11/MOP 29. The summary and analysis report is available in HTML and PDF.

Photos by IISD/ENB | Francis Dejon
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Montreal Protocol Issues

OEWG 39 Co-Chairs Cynthia Newberg, US, and Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla, Senegal

Martin Sirois, Canada

Yao Dong, China

Patrick McInerney, Australia

Delegates from the US, Saudia Arabia and India, in informal consultations on energy efficiency

High-Level Segment

L-R: Gilbert Bankobeza, Ozone Secretariat; Marc D'Iorio, Canada, COP 11 President; Tina Birmpili, Executive Secretary, Ozone
Secretariat; and Martha Leyva, Ozone Secretariat

John Pyle
, Co-Chair Scientific Assessment Panel (SAP)

Nigel Paul, Co-Chair EEAP

Janet Bornman, Co-Chair EEAP

L-R: Technology and Economic Assessment Panel Co-Chairs Ashley Woodcock and Bella Maranion; and Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee (MBTOC) Co-Chair Marta Pizano presenting to the High-Level Segment

Video presentation on the Montreal Protocol narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Paul Krajnik, Chair, Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund (MLF)

Closing Plenary

L-R: Allal Mesrar, Jozef Buys, and Alain Wilmart, Belgium

Andrei Pilipchuk, Belarus

Jamila Mammadova, Azerbaijan

John Thompson, US

Philippe Chemouny, Canada

Hasan Mubarak
, Bahrain

Delegates from the US, Belarus, EU, Canada and Azerbaijan in informal consultations

Yaqoub Almatouq, Kuwait, MOP 29 President with Marc D'Iorio, Canada, COP 11 President, gaveled the meeting to a close at 1:47 am.

Statements by Heads of Delegation

Judith Garber, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans, Environment and Science (OES), Department of State, US

Fatoumia Ali Bazi, Director-General, Comoros Agency for International Cooperation (ACCI), Comoros

Juan Miguel Cuna, Under-Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Philippines

Uktam Utaev, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology, Uzbekistan

Kare Chawicha Debessa, State Minister, Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Forest and Climate Change, Ethiopia

Tsokhio Adiyasuren
, Councellor to the Minister, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia

Xavier Sticker, Ambassador for the Environment, France

Hiroyuki Nishiura, Director, Ministry of Foreign of Affairs, Japan

Contact Groups

Delegates at the contact group on the MLF Replenishment

Delegates at the contact group on Data Reporting

Delegates at the informal consultation on HFCs not listed in Annex F of the Montreal Protocol

COP 11/MOP 29 Snapshots

Delegates from Saudi Arabia

L-R: Agustin Sanchez, Mexico, Eduardo Ganem, Chief Officer, MLF; and Frank Pinto, Norris Group

Photos from the international photo competition on Ozone and Climate organized by the Government of Uzbekistan, Global
Environment Facility (GEF); UN Environment, and UN Development Programme (UNDP)


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