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2nd Drafting Session on the Outcome Document of the
3rd International Conference on Financing for Development

13-17 April 2015 | UN Headquarters, New York

Highlights for Friday, 17 April 2015

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Delegates listening to Amb. Macharia Kamau (Kenya), Co-Facilitator of the Post-2015 process.

FfD3The Co-Facilitators of the post-2015 process addressed the drafting session on Friday morning.

Post-2015 Co-Facilitator Macharia Kamau (Kenya) emphasized the expectation that FfD3 will link directly to the post-2015 agenda, by addressing MOI for SDGs. Recognizing that FfD3 is not a pledging conference, he nevertheless noted a high expectation that commitments would be made to implement the post-2015 agenda over the next 15 years. Post-2015 Co-Facilitator David Donoghue (Ireland) said a joint session between the FfD3 and post-2015 processes was scheduled to address, among other things, coherence between the two processes; a briefing on options for a technology facilitation mechanism; and an interactive dialogue with multistakeholders.

The session returned briefly to a discussion on data, monitoring and follow-up, where the US emphasized the role of data in enabling decision-makers to better target funding. This was followed by a joint cross-regional statement read out by Switzerland on behalf of over 30 countries, highlighting the importance of integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment strongly in every section of the FfD3 outcome document, saying this was not only the right thing to do, but also smart economics.

This was followed by a session on the organization of future work. Co-Facilitator George Talbot (Guyana) said two intersessional meetings would take place in May 2015 (one from 26-29 May), where a compilation of statements from this meeting would be presented along with a revised Co-Facilitators’ draft, which would be negotiated paragraph-by-paragraph. An additional drafting session may also take place in June 2015.

Developed countries welcomed a revised draft as the basis for further negotiations. The Russian Federation called for a line-by-line negotiation of a compiled text, based on comments at this drafting session, projected on a screen in a smaller room, with provisions for free seating. Concluding the meeting, Co-Facilitator Geir Pedersen (Norway) expressed hope that continued cooperation would lead to a successful FfD3 outcome.

The session ended at 11:56 am.

IISD Reporting Services has provided a summary and analysis of this session in HTML and PDF format.

Amb. Macharia Kamau (Kenya),
Co-Facilitator of the Post-2015 process

Amb. Jean-Francis Zinsou (Benin)
spoke for the Least Developed Countries

Amb. David Donoghue (Ireland),
Co-Facilitator of the Post-2015 process

Maurício Fávero, Brazil

Michael Gerber, Switzerland

John Hurley, US

Delegates in informal discussions before the meeting began.

Yoseph Kassaye, Ethiopia

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3rd International Conference on Financing for Development has been provided by the
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