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Fourth Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Legally-Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe (INC-Forests4)

10-14 June 2013 | Warsaw, Poland

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Highlights for Wednesday, 12 June 2013
INC-Forests4 continued on Wednesday, 12 June. Contact group facilitator Liubov Poliakova, Ukraine, reported on the group's work on outstanding issues in the articles concerning the COP and compliance, saying that the group had reached understanding on provisions in the COP article on, inter alia: periodic examinations of the obligations of parties and institutional arrangements; establishing the programme of work at the first session of the COP; and establishing subsidiary bodies. She reported limited progress on elements of the text on compliance.
The INC-Forests Secretariat introduced the Bureau’s note on draft elements of a document by which the final draft agreement would be presented to ministers at the Extraordinary FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference scheduled to take place in Madrid, Spain in November 2013. Delegates heard the two options offered, namely that the Conference: endorses the agreement and invites the relevant UN system organization/organizations to facilitate adoption by its governing bodies; or adopts the agreement and invites the relevant UN System organization/organizations to provide secretariat services. Several delegations suggested specific elements to include in any draft decision to be taken by Ministers.
In the afternoon, the plenary was suspended until 5:50 PM while the Chair conducted informal consultations on institutional issues and an informal contact group tried to reach a compromise on the outstanding issues in articles 1-15 of the draft negotiating text. The contact group succeeded in removing remaining brackets in the preamble, and articles on terms and definitions, forest biodiversity, and monitoring and reporting.
When plenary reconvened at 5:50 PM, contact group facilitator Throstur Eysteinsson, Iceland, reported on the group’s progress. Chair Heino reported that the informal consultations on the institutional arrangements have continued, including with the UN organizations and EFI. The plenary briefly returned to consideration of the possible draft decision for the Ministerial Conference, with the EU outlining its proposals and others promising written inputs for discussion in plenary on Thursday.
In the evening, the contact group reconvened to try to resolve outstanding issues in the articles on the COP, secretariat and compliance. The State Forests of Poland and the European Forest Association also hosted a reception for delegates.
Chair Heino talks with Russian delegation prior to start of plenary. (photo courtesy of INC-Forests
Eugene Hendrick, Ireland, on behalf of the EU, intervenes on compliance. (photo courtesy of INC-Forests Secretariat)
Liubov Poliakova, Ukraine, reports on results of contact group work on articles on the COP and compliance.
Knut Oistad, Norway, outlines proposals for presenting the Convention to the Ministerial Conference.
Russian delegation considers a proposed amendment to the compliance article.
Chair Heino talks with EU delegation prior to start of the plenary. (photo courtesy of INC-Forests Secretariat)
Chair Heino calls delegates back to plenary at 5:50 PM. (photo courtesy of INC-Forests Secretariat)
Alexandra Orekhovich, Russian Federation, explains a Russian translation problem to the contact group. (photo
courtesy of INC-Forests Secretariat)
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