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16 October 

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GEF Assembly LogoSecond Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly 
16 - 18  October 2002
Beijing, China 

Daily Web Coverage 16 WED 17 THU 18 FRI SUMMARY

Highlights from Thursday, 17 October 2002

Participants of the second GEF Assembly heard reports on the third replenishment, membership, credentials and proposed amendments to the instrument. Representatives of 54 GEF Member States addressed the Assembly, while Panels on: GEF and Environmental Protection in China; Science and the Global Environment; and of Eminent Persons on the Global Environment and Sustainable Development were convened.

Plenary: Report on Third Replenishment
Mohamed El-Ashry, GEF CEO/Chair, presented the Summary of Negotiations on the Third Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund (GEF/A.2/7), highlighting contributions of US$2.97 billion to cover GEF operations and activities from 2003-2006. El-Ashry credited Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK for addi­tional contributions, and noted that the third replenishment will cover activities related to the new focal areas.

(left) urged simplifying the process of accessing GEF’s funds, with some representatives proposing greater consistency within Implementing Agencies (IAs), streamlining GEF’s procedures, and developing criteria for technology transfer. 

FRANCE suggested enhancing the role of the Science and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP).

Listen to Statements from the following countries:



Co-chaired by Jin Liqun, Chinese Vice-Minister of Finance, and Zhu Guangyao, Vice-Minister of China�s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), this Panel heard seven presentations, each followed by a commentary, and a discussion session.

SCIENCE AND THE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT: Julia Carabias, STAP Chair, introduced the Panel and highlighted the need to understand the linkages between numerous environmental issues.

Habiba Gitay, STAP Vice-Chair, explained the need for GEF operational programmes to consider inte�grated and ecosystem approaches, and develop pilot projects that encompass local, regional and global scales.

EMINENT PERSONS: Chaired by Maurice Strong, the Eminent Persons Panel on the Global Environment and Sustainable Develop�ment consisted of six environmental experts envisioning GEF�s role for the next ten years.

Mostafa Tolba, International Center for Environment and Development, stated that the GEF should affirm its own identity and become a more independent institution. Tolba recommended that the GEF uses its financial leverage to integrate activities and strengthen partnerships, particularly with the private sector.


Gertrude Mongella, Advocacy for Women in Africa, emphasized GEF�s need to: become a recognized body, expand the Small Grants Programme, and form a direct relation�ship with civil society.


GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP): The Power of Partnerships workshop discussed how the SGP capitalize the synergies from collaboration and partnerships and turn them into projects that protect the global environment while generating sustainable livelihoods.


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