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Highlights for Tuesday, 5 April 2011
On Tuesday morning, 5 April, delegates resumed and concluded the High Level Segment. All speakers expressed their condolences to Japan for the recent natural and nuclear disaster. Many thanked the UAE for its hospitality and congratulated Adnan Amin (Kenya) on his election as IRENA’s first Director-General. Also in the morning, the Assembly adopted by consensus decisions on: the transfer of assets and liabilities from the Preparatory Commission to IRENA and recommendations on transitional arrangements; the Host Country Agreements; the staff regulations; the establishment of a Staff Provident Fund of the IRENA; the secondment of personnel to the IRENA; the interim financial regulations for the IRENA; the agreement on privileges and immunities for the IRENA; multiligualism; and the programme of work and budget for 2011.

The Assembly further took note of the report on the activities of the Preparatory Commission and the report of the credentials committee. In the afternoon, the Assembly elected the Council, and concluded its work at 5:21pm.
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Daily web coverage
3 April - 4 April - 5 April
Closing Ceremony
Sultan Al Jaber, President of the Assembly gaveled the meeting at 5.21pm
Karsten Sach, Germany, was presented with an IRENA Preparatory Commission banner signed by many delegates and secretariat members
The IRENA Secretariat group photo
Delegates depositing nominations for committees
Degelates before the closing of the meeting
New logo for IRENA
Ministerial Roundtable
A Ministerial Roundtable on the strategic needs for a clean energy future met to discuss developing and developed country views on the role of IRENA, how IRENA should position itself vis à vis other institutions, and the creation of markets and policies to facilitate renewable energy uptake.
Ministers during the roundtable
Adnan Amin (Kenya) Director-General of IRENA, and Sultan Al Jaber, President of the Assembly
Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Sweden, and Jose Rene Almendras, Secretary of Energy, the Philippines, facilitated the round table discussions.

Charalampos Pippos, Greece
Sirray Timbo, Sierra Leone
Juergen Becker, State Secretary, Germany
George Pullicino, Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs, Malta


Morning Plenary
The dais during the morning session
Participants listening to Angola's speech

Umaru B. Wurie, Sierra Leone, and Karsten Sach, Germany
Wilson Sierra, Uruguay
Iya Tidjani, Cameroon
Diego Noguera and Heidi Liliana Botero Hernández, Colombia
Jean-Paul Tarud, Chile
Around the Conference

Registration desk
Miquel Muñoz, IISDRS
A participant reading the ENB
View of solar panels from the terrace of the venue.
ADNEC Conference Center
Diego Noguera, Colombia, Angeles Estrada, Argentina, Aaron Leopold, United States, Sultan Al Jaber, President of the Assembly, Miquel Muñoz, Spain, Suzi Malen, South Africa, Nancy Williams, United States, and Alice Bisiaux, France
Daily web coverage
3 April - 4 April - 5 April
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