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Summary and Analysis
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Second Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to Prepare a Global Legally Binding Instrument on Mercury (INC2)

24-28 January 2011 | Chiba, Japan
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Highlights for Thursday, 27 January 2011
Mercury INC 2 convened for its penultimate day on Thursday 27 January, 2011, in Chiba, Japan.

During the morning plenary, delegates continued discussions of the elements paper (UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.2/3), focusing  on measures to reduce releases of mercury to air, water and land: Article 10, atmospheric emissions; and Article 11, releases to water and land. A contact group on emissions, co-chaired by Wijarn Simayacha (Thailand) and John Roberts (UK) was mandated to continue discussions on the issue.

In the afternoon delegates then turned their attention to financial resources and technical and implementation assistance: Article 15, financial resources and mechanisms; Article 16, technical assistance; and Article 17, implementation committee. Delegates then considered awareness-raising, research and monitoring and communication of information, focusing on: Article 18, information exchange, Article 19, public information, awareness and education; Article 20, research development and monitoring; Article 21, implementation plans; Article 22, reporting; and Article 23, effectiveness evaluation.
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L-R: Matthew Gubb, UNEP Chemicals; Per Bakken, UNEP Chemicals; and INC Chair Fernando Lugris, Uruguay
Zukie Noluzuko Gwayi (South Africa) discussing the progress of the Consultative Process on Financing Options for Chemicals and Waste.
Parnuna Egede (Inuit Circumpolar Council) discussing the need to take action on atmospheric emissions.
Delegates at INC2 have the opportunity to learn about mercury free products including digital sphygmomanometer and thermometers.  
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