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Fourth Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership

17-19 September 2013 | Erzurum, Turkey

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Highlights for Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mountain PartnershipThe Fourth Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership continued on Thursday, 19 September in Erzurum, Turkey. In the morning, working groups met and then reported to plenary. Participants also discussed the next steps needed to take the Mountain Partnership forward, including a roadmap and workplan.

In the afternoon, participants continued to discuss
next steps, and then began the selection of Steering Committee members. The meeting closed at 8:39pm.

Handicraft products from Central Asia on display at the Mountain Partnership meeting venue.
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Sustainable Development Policy & Practice
Morning session
Delegates chatting before the morning plenary session.
Working Group on Joint Actions
Marisa Young, Fundacion Agreste, presenting on behalf of the Working Group on Resource Mobilization.
Working Group on Capacity Development and Technology Transfer
Afternoon Session
Jurant Dika, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Macedonia
L-R: Eklabya Sharma, Director Programme Operations, ICIMOD, and Thomas Hofer, Mountain Partnership Secretariat
Sam Kanyamibwa, Albertine Rift Conservation Society, Rwanda
A delegate gathers pamplets and brochures focused on sustainable mountain development.

Around the Venue
The view from the meeting venue.
The hardworking translaters behind glass in the back of plenary.

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