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UN DOALOS Tenth Session of the Open-ended
Informal Consultative Process
on Oceans and the Law of the Sea

UN Headquarters, New York | 17-19 June 2009
United Nations
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Fri 19 Jun &
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Consultative Process Review Finishes Early

The tenth meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (Consultative Process or ICP) entered its final day Friday. In the morning, delegates participated in a general exchange of views on issues that could benefit from attention in the future work of the General Assembly on "Oceans and the Law of the Sea." They also discussed how to make the Consultative Process more effective, including: the need to incorporate more lead time for the appointment of co-chairs and the selection of panelists; and the selection of themes. Co-Chair MacKay adjourned the morning's session at 12:15pm.

A Co-Chair's summary of discussions was prepared during the lunch break, and after calling the afternoon session to order at 3:25pm, Co-Chair Badji announced a brief suspension to allow for copying and distribution of the document, and to give delegations time to review the summary, after which the session resumed and comments were made on the text of the summary. After closing remarks, Co-Chair Badji closed the meeting at 4:59pm.

Above: ICP-10 Co-Chair Paul Badji, Alice Hicuburundi of DOALOS, DOALOS Director Serguei Tarassenko and Co-Chair Don MacKay conferred before the start of the day's session.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of ICP-10 will be available on this site on Monday, 22 June 2009.

Friday, 19 June

Joan Yang, Palau, for Pacific SIDS.

Esmaeil Baghaei Hamaneh, Iran.

Harlan Cohen, IUCN.

Irini Papanicolopulu, ACCOBAMS.

Kjartan Hoydal, North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission.

Gonzalo Pereira Puchy, Permanent Commission for the South Pacific.

Alejandro Alday, Mexico.

Carolyn Schwalger, New Zealand.

Renée Sauvée, Canada.
Participants reviewed the Co-Chairs' Summary of Discussions at the start of the afternoon session.

E. Salif Diop, UNEP.

Adam Mulawarman Tugio, Indonesia.

Eden Charles, Trinidad and Tobago.
Side Event

At lunchtime, the International Ocean Noise Coalition held a side event on the impacts of ocean noise on marine biodiversity.
Around ICP-10

Conference Room 2 during Plenary.

The co-chairs swapped seats and nameplates.

A participant stretched during a break in the meeting.

Juarez Delgado Imbuzeiro, Brazil, conferred with Matthew Gianni, Natural Resources Defense Council.

Your ICP-10 Earth Negotiations Bulletin team, with the ICP-10 Co-Chairs. L-R: Graeme Auld, Writer, Canada; Co-Chair Amb. Paul Badji, Senegal; Robynne Boyd, Team Leader, USA; Daniela Diz, Writer, Brazil; Co-Chair Amb. Don MacKay, New Zealand; Matt Sommerville, Writer, USA; Dan Birchall, Digital Editor, USA; Glen Ewers, Writer, Australia. Photo thanks to Marco Boccia, Italy.

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