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UN DOALOS Ninth Session of the Open-ended
Informal Consultative Process
on Oceans and the Law of the Sea

UN Headquarters, New York | 23-27 June 2008
United Nations
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ICP Concludes Panel Discussion

On Wednesday, delegates to the ninth meeting of the UN Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (Consultative Process or ICP-9) reconvened in a discussion panel on maritime security and safety. In the morning, presentations were made and a discussion was held focusing on people at sea. In the afternoon, panelists and delegates addressed issues relating to enhancing cooperation, coordination and integration, and increasing capacity building.

Above: Co-Chairs Ridgeway and Badji.

Wednesday, 25 June
Discussion Panel: Focus on People at Sea

Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, International Labor Organization, said decent working conditions aboard ships and fishing vessels are essential to maritime security and safety.

Jon Whitlow, International Transport Workers' Federation, discussed safety and security issues confronting seafarers.

Simon Bennett, International Shipping Federation.

Sierra Leone.

Anja Klug, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, spoke on the treatment of migrants and refugees rescued at sea.

Aïcha Belarbi, University Mohammed V, Morocco, discussed the safety of persons at sea in the Mediterranean.

Serge Segura, France.

Ileana Villalobos, Venezuela.

Anet Pino, Cuba.

Discussion Panel: Enhancing Cooperation, Coordination and
Integration, and Increasing Capacity-Building

Brad Kieserman, US Coast Guard, discussed current activities and opportunities for strengthening coordination and integration at all levels.

Arif Havas Oegrosena, Department of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia, emphasized the importance of maritime security to ASEAN countries.

Magnus Addico, Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa, discussed efforts to improve maritime safety and security in the region and the Gulf of Guinea.


Ifeyinwa Angela Nworgu, Nigeria.

Maria Teresa Mesquita Pessôa, Brazil.

Jan Otte, NATO.

Harlan Cohen, IUCN.

Bing Li, China.
Side Event

The World Ocean Council held a lunchtime side event on "Industry leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability."
Around the Consultative Process

DOALOS staff worked into the evening.

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