Lead Picture - Resilience Frontiers Lab at COP 27

Resilience Frontiers Lab at COP 27

8–17 November 2022 | Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

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In a world beset by crises, dystopian visions of the future have become commonplace, but Resilience Frontiers moves the world’s collective thinking beyond these paradigms and into a future that is desirable. To trigger this shift, Resilience Frontiers is a first-of-its-kind UN ecosystem that has developed eight pathways of change, which can create a world of permanent resilience—once they begin moving in unison.

Resilience Frontiers will take place during COP 27 from 8-17 November in Sharm el-Sheikh. Exploring Resilience Frontiers’ eight pathways to a desirable future, the creative programme will take us into a world of abundance, where nature and humanity thrive in harmony with each other.

The Resilience Frontiers Pavilion will open on Tuesday, 8 November, with a different pathway taking center stage each day, and a cross-cutting day scheduled for 12 November.

  • 8 November: Transforming humanity’s relationship with nature
  • 9 November: Lifelong learning for environmental stewardship
  • 10 November: Ensuring universal, equitable coverage of, and open access to, (big) data and information
  • 11 November: Managing water and other natural resources equitably and inclusively 
  • 12 November: Cross-cutting day
  • 14 November: Managing transboundary issues equitably
  • 15 November: Applying a holistic, ecosystem-centered approach to optimize future health and wellbeing
  • 16 November: Regenerative food production
  • 17 November: Developing transformative financial instruments

Each day, the Resilience Frontiers pathways will be unpacked by exploring questions and ideas, and engaging the audience with scientists, foresight thinkers, philosophers, young innovators, Indigenous communities, and business leaders.

Resilience Frontiers invites all to join the programme of events at the pavilion if in person in Sharm-el-Sheikh or to follow them via their website or on Twitter and Instagram.  

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) will provide daily coverage of the Resilience Frontiers events. Kindly return to this site on Tuesday, 8 November 2022, for full coverage.

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