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: Look for NGOs to focus on preparing their contributions to the FAO position papers on the precautionary approach and Maximum Sustainable Yield. NGOs will also be considering how to bring their concerns to the FAO work on the Code of Conduct of Responsible Fishing.

On the last day of this session, one group of NGOs called for the following issues to be addressed in preparation for the next session of the Conference: strengthening of regional organizations through effective enforcement mechanisms; dispute settlement procedures and enhanced funding for research and observer programs; implementation of a system of international review for the decisions of regional management entities; the establishment of integrated international research and reporting programs; progress on the Flagging Agreement; the development of conservation-based approaches to management that incorporate a common appropriate definition of long-term maximum sustainable yield and also consider the entire ecosystem of a region or species; and development of by-catch standards requiring minimization of wanton by-catch waste and ecosystem damage created by non-selective and destructive fishing methods and gear.