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Due to lack of time given to produce the Chair's Negotiating Text (A/CONF.164/13) minor typographical corrections and other technical changes will have to be made and the document will be reissued. The Secretariat will also assist in the preparation of the report of the Secretary-General to the 48th Session of the General Assembly and work closely with FAO in the drafting of the documents requested by the Conference on the precautionary approach and Maximum Sustainable Yield.

WORK OF THE CHAIR: The Chair, Satya Nandan, is preparing a report to the Secretary-General, which will be part of the Secretary-General's report to the 48th General Assembly, as mandated by Resolution 47/192. In the coming months, Nandan will be available for informal consultations at Fiji's Permanent Mission to the UN in New York. He has indicated that he will monitor the progress of the contributions to the voluntary fund for the full and effective participation of developing countries at the next session of the Conference. Nandan will also play a role in drafting what he hopes is a procedural resolution to be adopted by the 48th General Assembly this year.