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Based on the work of PrepCom II, the Secretariat drafted a working paper on a draft Programme of Action, which intended to serve as the basis for the informal consultations. CRP.3 contained a four-paragraph introduction and the five chapters that had been agreed to at PrepCom II -- An Enabling Environment, Reduction and Eradication of Poverty, Productive Employment and the Reduction of Unemployment, Social Integration, and Means of Implementation and Follow-up. Each chapter contained an introduction, which listed the relevant commitments from the draft Declaration (A/CONF.166/PC/L.18). The next section in each chapter or sub-chapter was entitled "Rationale," which was followed by a series of objectives and a final section on action. Chapter II (Reduction and Eradication of Poverty) contained the following sub-chapters: A. Integrated strategies for reducing and eradicating poverty; B. Access to productive opportunities and resources; C. Access to social services; and D. Enhancing social protection and reducing vulnerability. Chapter III (Productive Employment and the Reduction of Unemployment) contained the following sub-chapters: A. Rethinking policy; B. Stimulating employment-intensive growth; C. Creating employment through enterprise; D. Promoting employment through active labour market policies, including education and training; E. Establishing and pursuing sectoral priorities; F. Redefining the nature of work and employment; G. Focusing on specific needs; and H. Enhancing the quality of employment. Chapter IV (Social Integration) contained the following sub-chapters: A. Promoting human well-being and respect for diversity; B. Ending discrimination in all its forms and promoting equality of opportunity; C. Education as an integrating force; D. Good governance and creating new partnerships; E. Responding with special measures to special social needs; and F. Equitable treatment for migrants and refugees. Chapter V (Means of Implementation and Follow-up) contained the following sub-chapters: A. Guiding principles for implementation; B. Implementation and follow-up at the national level; C. International cooperation for social progress; D. The role of the United Nations and the United Nations System; and E. Mobilizing resources for sustainable development.

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