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The basis for action in this chapter notes that the main aim of social integration must be to enable different groups in society to live together in productive and cooperative diversity.

A. RESPONSIVE GOVERNMENT AND FULL PARTICIPATION IN SOCIETY: Actions in this section relate to making public institutions more responsive to people"s needs and encouraging the fullest participation in society.

B. NON-DISCRIMINATION, TOLERANCE AND RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY: This section lists the means to reduce and eliminate discrimination and promote tolerance and respect for diversity.

C. EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: This section lists the means by which governments can promote equality of opportunity and social justice.

D. RESPONSES TO SPECIAL SOCIAL NEEDS: This section lists the requirements for governmental responses to special needs of social groups.

E. EQUITABLE TREATMENT AND INTEGRATION OF MIGRANTS, MIGRANT WORKERS, REFUGEES AND DISPLACED PERSONS: This section lists the actions required to promote the equitable treatment and integration of all groups.

F. VIOLENCE, CRIME AND DRUG ABUSE: This section lists actions to address the problems created by violence, crime and drug abuse.