Eighth Conference of the Parties  to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-8)

20-31 March 2006| Curitiba, Brazil

Highlights for Tues
day, 21 March 2006

Delegates to the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-8) met in two working groups throughout the day. Working Group I (WG-I) addressed island biodiversity, dry and sub-humid land biodiversity, and the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI). Working Group II (WG-II) initiated discussions on access and benefit-sharing (ABS).

Above photos: View of the packed Working Group II session on ABS; Kids for Forests hour glass.



The Secretariat introduced documents on island biodiversity and the SBSTTA-10 report . 

Many delegates strongly encouraged the adoption of the work programme on island biodiversity.

Above photos L-R: Jo Mulongoy (CBD), WG-I Chair Matthew Jebb (Ireland), Jaime Webbe (CBD) and Marjo Vierros (CBD); Chair Jebb

The PHILIPPINES and others called for allocation of adequate financial resources for implementation of the work programme.

Above photo: Teresita Samson Castillo (The Philippines)

CANADA stressed the importance of Arctic island biodiversity and full participation of indigenous and local communities through integrative national programmes.

Above photo: Richard Laing (Canada)

GHANA said that the work programme could help protect island biodiversity from the potential threats of avian flu. 

Above photo: Alfred Oteng Yeboah (Ghana)

The MALDIVES encouraged consideration of the special needs and circumstances of SIDS.

Above photo: Ahmed Saleem (Maldives)

THAILAND highlighted the collaboration between the CBD and the Ramsar Convention.

Above photo: Anuwat Nateewathana (Thailand)

On a global target relating to international trade and island biodiversity, ICELAND suggested deleting reference to sustainable use of wild flora and fauna on islands, noting that CITES has not agreed on the term "sustainable use." 

Above photo: Gudrun Eyjolfsdottir (Iceland)


PALAU supported text on GEF financial support for GTI activities. 

Above photo: Joel Miles (Palau)
The REPUBLIC OF KOREA stressed the importance of taxonomic needs assessment in each country.

Above photo: Hae-wook Cheung (Republic of Korea)
The GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY INFORMATION FACILITY reported on its work regarding taxonomic data dissemination and capacity building.

Above photo: Jim Edwards and Beatriz Torres  (GBIF)


ACCESS AND BENEFIT-SHARING: Process for developing an international regime

CANADA expressed commitment to considering various options through expert meetings and at least one session of the ABS Working Group. 

Above photo: Timothy Hodges (Canada)
The EU and COLOMBIA suggested that the meetings be funded from the core budget.

Above photo L-R: Martha Ligia Perez, Adriana Mendoza, Fernando Casas and Alban  (Colombia)
NORWAY, supported by others, requested the COP to convene an intergovernmental negotiating body with its own Chair and Bureau, indigenous participation and a timetable for concluding negotiations by COP-9.

Above photo: Birthe Ivars (Norway)

Elements of the certificate:

MEXICO noted that the list of potential elements of the certificate of origin/source/legal provenance is useful in identifying the necessary expertise for the proposed Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group (AHTEG).

Above photo: Jose Carlos Fernandez and Mariana Bellot Rojas (Mexico)

MALAYSIA favored removing brackets, considering the list a useful reference for the AHTEG in developing options for model provisions on disclosure requirements.

Above photo: Gurdial Singh (Malaysia)

WG-II Chair Sem Shikongo (Namibia) established an informal group for consultations on the issue.


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