Eighth Conference of the Parties  to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-8)

20-31 March 2006| Curitiba, Brazil

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Monday, 20 March 2006

The eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-8) opened in Curitiba , Brazil , on Monday 20 March. Delegates met in plenary throughout the day to hear opening statements and reports from regional and intersessional meetings, and address organizational matters.

Above photos: The panel observes an indigenous ceremony led by spiritual leaders blessing Mother Earth.


Carlos Alberto Richa, Mayor of Curitiba (Brazil) welcomed delegates, stressing that in addition to governments’ responsibilities, the commitment of local and indigenous communities, civil society and each citizen is crucial to effectively preserving biodiversity.

Roberto Requião, Governor of the State of Paraná ( Brazil ) emphasized Paraná’s environmental commitments and achievements, highlighting that the biodiversity conservation is the main focus of the State’s environmental policy.

COP-7 President Ramatha Letchumanan ( Malaysia ) highlighted accomplishments achieved since COP-7, including: progress towards an international regime on access and benefit-sharing (ABS); continued development of a global network of protected areas (PAs); and development of a new work programme on island biodiversity for adoption at this meeting.

CBD Executive Secretary Ahmed Djoghlaf underlined the relationship between culture and nature, and described several recent natural disasters linked to biodiversity degradation.

Bakary Kante, on behalf of UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer, emphasized UNEP’s commitment to support the Convention in meeting the 2010 target.

Marina Silva, Brazil’s Minister of the Environment, referred to COP-8 as an opportunity to gather political and moral commitment to forge a pact for implementing the CBD across different sectors of society.


Ethiopia for AFRICA, Mongolia for ASIA AND THE PACIFIC, and Venezuela for LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN (GRULAC) reported on their regional meetings (18-19 March 2006, Curitiba, Brazil), with GRULAC prioritizing, inter alia, discussions on ABS, participation of indigenous and local communities, PAs and genetic resources in the deep sea. 

Above photos L-R: Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egzhiaber (Ethiopia); Luis G. Uzcátegui (Venezuela) and Oyundari Navaan-Yunden (Mongolia)

Tuvalu for the ALLIANCE OF SMALL ISLAND STATES expressed concerns on the resource allocation framework of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which discriminates against countries with low terrestrial but high marine biodiversity, and disadvantages countries with limited capacity to develop funding proposals.

Above photo: Ian Fry (Tuvalu)
India, on behalf of the LIKE-MINDED MEGADIVERSE COUNTRIES (LMMC), prioritized speedy development of an international regime on ABS and expressed concerns on the slow negotiation process.

Above photo: Desh Deepak Verma (India)
Austria , on behalf of the EU, highlighted EU’s priority areas, with particular emphasis on: enhancing national implementation; strengthening the implementation of the work programme on PAs; and development of an international regime on ABS.

Above photo: Günter Liebel (Austria on behalf of the EU)


DENMARK reported on the brainstorming meeting on avian flu (19 March 2006, Curitiba ), which served to highlight threats to migratory species and wetlands, knowledge gaps and the need for capacity building.

Above photo: Christian Prip (Denmark)

BRAZIL reported on the expert workshop on PAs (17-18 March 2006, Curitiba ) and presented its recommendations, noting that the group reviewed the evaluation matrix.

Above photo: Adriana Tescari (Brazil)

Gonzalo Castro, on behalf of the GEF President, presented the GEF report (UNEP/CBD/COP/8/10), describing the GEF activities in response to guidance received from the CBD COP.

Representing youth, KIDS FOR FORESTS stressed the importance of PAs for the protection of forests and marine biodiversity, called for urgent action to achieve the 2010 target and prioritized the commitment of financial resources to biodiversity conservation.

Above photos L-R: Claudia Maciel (Kids For Forests);
Marina Silva Brazil’s Minister of the Environment receiving the Biodiversity hour glass from Kid's for Forests; Clara Buer (Kids for Forests)

The International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) stressed the indigenous right to self-determination and sovereignty over their territories and property rights over their resources, including genetic resources and traditional knowledge. 

Above photo L-R: Marcos Terena (IIFB) and Alvaro Tukano (IIFB)
The INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE reported on its CBD task force to increase business engagement in the Convention and pointed to technology transfer, ABS, PAs and incentive measures as priority issues.

Above photo: Alix Heywood (ICC)

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