Eighth Conference of the Parties  to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-8)

20-31 March 2006| Curitiba, Brazil

Highlights for Tues
day, 28 March 2006

Delegates to the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-8) met in two working groups throughout the day. Working Group I (WG-I) addressed draft decisions on: dry and sub-humid lands; the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI); forest biodiversity; and protected areas. Working Group II (WG-II) considered draft decisions on: Article 8(j); implementation of the Convention and its Strategic Plan; the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO); national reporting; the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA); and the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM). Contact groups met on island biodiversity and the financial mechanism, while informal groups addressed indigenous participation in the negotiations on access and benefit-sharing, and NGO accreditation, and retirement of decisions. The COP-8 High-Level Segment held two panels on biodiversity and trade, and ABS, and a plenary session on meeting the CBD objectives and the 2010 biodiversity target. 

Above photo: The EU in informal consultation with Brazil.

HIGH LEVEL MINISTERIAL SEGMENT: Breakfast with Ministers and business leaders

Above photo L-R: Jim Knight (UK), CBD Executive Secretary Ahmed Djoghlaf, Vice-Minister Cláudio Langone, COO Luis Assis (HSBC), Assistant Secretary of State, Claudia McMurray (US) and Len Good, GEF CEO 

Above photo: Rachel Kyte (IFC) moderated the breakfast dialogue with ministers and business leaders. 

Above photo: Jim Knight, Minister for Biodiversity   (UK)

Above photo: Luis Assis, Chief Operating Officer of HSBC.

Above photo: Delegates from industry

Above photo: Teresita Castillo and Angelo Reyes, Philippine Secretary for the Environment 

Above photo L-R: Rejoice Mabudafasi, Assistant Secretary of State, Claudia McMurray (US)


Above photo: WG-I Chair Matthew Jebb (Ireland) 


BRAZIL requested deletion of several references to Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) process.

Above photo: Raphael Azeredo (Brazil)

Noting sovereignty of States in ensuring forest law enforcement, CHILE, requested deletion of text urging countries to provide information on forest law enforcement and related trade.

Above photo: Fernando Almuna (Chile)

GHANA requested a separate paragraph on the COP’s recommendation that Parties take a precautionary approach to using GM trees.

Above photo: Alfred Oteng Yeboah (Ghana)


High seas PAs:

On threats to biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction, PALAU, opposed by JAPAN, reiterated his call for language on an interim prohibition on high seas bottom trawling.

Above photo: Joel Miles (Palau)

On the CBD future work, TUVALU requested filling knowledge gaps on customary use of biological resources in accordance with traditional cultural practices.

Above photo: Ian Fry (Tuvalu)

VENEZUELA requested reference not only to UNCLOS but also to the CBD as the international framework for marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction.

Above photo: Luis Niño (Venezuela)


Above photo L-R: WG-I Chair Shikongo with Cai Liejie (CBD)


The PHILIPPINES asked to retain language on protection of traditional knowledge.

Above photo: Elpidio "Ping" Peria (The Philippines)

On implementation of the work programme, the IIFB proposed text requesting parties to submit relevant information.

Above photo: Lourdes Amos (IIFB)
On the composite report, NEW ZEALAND requested reference to the “approval and involvement of knowledge holders” rather than indigenous prior informed consent (PIC) to the establishment of registers.

Above photo: Felicity Buchanan (New Zealand)

BRAZIL proposed facilitating the use of meeting documentation in national consultations with indigenous communities.

Above photo: Hadil Fontes Da Rocha Vianna (Brazil)

ARGENTINA suggested differentiating between main criteria for selecting beneficiaries and other criteria.

Above photo: Claudio Gutierrez (Argentina)

CHINA expressed concerns regarding indigenous PIC to national and regional development of sui generis systems. 

Above photo L-R: Cosima Hufler (Austria on behalf of the EU) and Cheng Weixue (China)

Argentina presented a GRULAC proposal on collaboration between the Article 8(j) and ABS Working Groups.

Above photo L-R: Luis Niño (Venezuela) and Victoria Lichtshein (Argentina)

The TULALIP TRIBES welcomed the GRULAC proposal and suggested to mandate the Article 8(j) Working Group with developing an element of work for the international ABS regime related to “genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge”.

Above photo: Preston Hardison (Tulalip Tribes)

The IIFB called for language to guarantee full and effective participation of indigenous and local communities. 


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