Fifth Session of the Committee for the Review of the
UN Convention to Combat Desertification (CRIC 5)

12-21 March 2007 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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14 March


Highlights for Wednesday, 14 March
The fifth session of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC 5) continued on Wednesday, 14 March 2007. Throughout the day delegates heard presentations and discussed and shared experiences on domestic and international resource mobilization and coordination, including conclusion of partnership agreements and support by multilateral agencies and institutions.


Panel presentations and discussion on thematic topic 3:  Resource mobilization and coordination, both domestic and international, including conclusion of partnership agreements


Kenneth Roach, Trinidad and Tobago, presented his country’s national reforestation and water rehabilitation programme.

Muhamet Durikov, Turkmenistan, introduced the Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management (CACILM), a ten-year multi-donor partnership to address sustainable land management in five countries.
Yuriy Kolmaz, Ukraine, introduced his country’s efforts in mobilizing resources to address land degradation, including a land tax system, environmental protection funds, and fees and fines levied on environmental pollution.
Giorgio Sfara, Italy, described his country’s support to developing countries for combating desertification.
Christian Mersmann, Global Mechanism, announced that the GM will increase support to country parties through the provision of knowledge, strategic instruments and financial advisory services.
Leopoldo Rojo Serrano, Spain, highlighted the possibility for effective actions using existing capacity and without additional resources.
Kenneth Rivera Ayestas, Honduras.
Uladzimir Sauchanka, Belarus.
Sudhir Mital, India.
Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria, asked the GM to quantify the funding they have mobilized, and the amount that has benefited Africa.
Abdelkader Khelifa, Algeria, cautioned that the UNCCD should not become an implementing mechanism for other conventions but rather that conventions should work together.

Mobilization of financial resources by multilateral agencies

In the afternoon, the Secretariat introduced Agenda Item 5 on the review of available information regarding the mobilization and use of financial resources and other support by multilateral agencies (ICCD/CRIC(5)/7).

Walter Lusigi, GEF, said that the GEF hopes to expand links with relevant institutions and initiate more country partnership programmes in its next phase.
James Warren Evans, World Bank, announced that the GM Facilitation Committee has met twice since COP 7.
Melchiade Bukuru, Secretariat, said that the GM is seeking out new approaches to mobilize co-financing.
Octavio Perez Pardo, Argentina.
Ababu Anage Zeleke, Ethiopia.
Liliane Ortega, Switzerland.
Muhamet Durikov, Turkmenistan.
Apichart Jongskul, Thailand.
Abdul Munaf Qaimkhani, Pakistan.
Armande Zanou Aïvohozin, Benin.
Jose Miguel Leiva Perez, Guatemala.
Giselle Beja Valent, Uruguay.
Eleanore Fox and Mary Rowen, United States of America.

Side Event
The draft ten-year strategy for the UNCCD was presented by Sem Shikongo at a well-attended side event. Participants were generally positive, but many emphasized the need to match strategic objectives with adequate financial resources.

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