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Forty-first Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) and Associated Sessions of the Committees

6-11 November 2006 | Yokohama, Japan

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Highlights for Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Delegates met on Tuesday, 7 November, at the Pacifico Conference Center in Yokohama, Japan, for the second day of the Forty-first Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-41). In the morning, delegates met in plenary to discuss: the annual review and assessment of the international tropical timber situation; ITTO Objective 2000; the Biennial Work Programme 2006-2007 progress report; measures to improve the ITTO project cycle, and financing of the next Council session. In the afternoon, all four Committees (Economic Information and Market Intelligence, Forest Industry, Reforestation and Forest Management, and Finance and Administration) met in separate sessions. In the evening, delegates attended a reception hosted by the ITTO.


During the morning Council session, delegates discussed: the annual review and assessment of the international tropical timber situation, including changes in trade volumes and prices; ITTO Objective 2000; the Biennial Work Programme progress report; and financing of the next council session, to be held in Papua New Guinea.

  Markku Simula (ITTO Consultant) presented the results of an ITTO Objective 2000 and SFM diagnosis mission in Thailand.   Steven Johnson (ITTO Secretariat) reported that Japan’s imports of tropical timber are decreasing.   Suchat Kalyawongsa (Thailand) expressed hope for continuing support from the ITTO, given the challenges to SFM highlighted by the diagnostic mission.  
  Maharaj Muthoo (ITTO Consultant) delivered a presentation on the ITTO diagnostic mission to India to identify barriers to implementation of ITTO Objective 2000.   Jürgen Blaser (ITTO Consultant) elaborated on the diagnostic mission to India and its analysis.  
  Manoel Sobral Filho (Executive Director, ITTO) presented a progress report on the implementation of the ITTO biennial work programme for 2006-2007 that summarizes over 70 administrative, strategic policy and project activities.   David J. Brooks (USA) praised the work of the Executive Director and the Secretariat in carrying out the Biennial Work Programme.   Ambassador Michael M. Maue (Papua New Guinea) said his government has already committed resources to hosting the ITTC-42 in 2007, and requested donor contributions to cover external costs such as interpretation, documentation, and translation.  
  Roger Nkodo Dang (Cameroon)   Jaques Kanwe (Congo)   Bipin Behari (India)  

In the afternoon, delegates met in the four Committees. The Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence continued discussions, including on policy work. The Committee on Forest Industry discussed ex-post evaluations and reviewed project and pre-project work in progress. The Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management continued its review of project and pre-project work, and ex-post evaluations. The Committee on Finance and Administration held its first session, with a focus on administrative budget for 2006 and 2007; resources or the administrative budgets, Special Account, and the Bali Partnership Fund.


  Henri Félix Maître (France) stressed that presentations of ex-post evaluations should not be limited to the Committee.   Marc J. Dourojeanni (ITTO Consultant) presenting a synthesis report on ex-post evaluations, highlighted several shortcomings of projects, including: not achieving additional income for the communities and the lack of sustainability of new economic ventures.  
  Flip Van Helden (Chair)   John Leigh (ITTO Secretariat)  


  Brian Woodward (USA)   Rosven Arevalo (Colombia) presented a project proposal to train professionals in production, processing and marketing of timber products.   Yuko Yagushi (Japan)  
  Hermayani Putera (Indonesia)   Dike Kari (Papua New Guinea) presented a project proposal for enhancement of the timber marketing information system in Papua New Guinea.   Yves Yalibanda (Central African Republic)  
  Paul Vantomme (ITTO Secretariat)   Ivan Tomacelli (ITTO Consultant) presented the preliminary findings of a market study on tropical timber plantation products.  



  Pan Hao (China)   Xuhe Chen (China)  
  James Singh (Guyana) presented a project proposal on kiln-drying of commercial timbers by small-scale community saw mill workers.   Pipin Permadi (Indonesia)   Alhassan Attah (Ghana) presented a project proposal on the processing and utilization of logging residue in collaboration with local communities.  


  Marcel Vernooj (the Netherlands) asked what inflation rate was taken into account in establishing the budget for 2007.   Charas Mayura (ITTO Secretariat) noted that Council must authorize using funds from the Working Capital Account (WCA) for financing the proposed intersessional working group on developing thematic programmes of work and that this therefore was not included in the 2007 budget.  
  Enzo Barattini (European Community) queried the amount reserved for the possibility of eventual liquidation of the Organization.   Daniel Birchmeier (Switzerland) inquired about the process of reviewing project proposals submitted by countries in arrears.  


  From left to right: Charlotte Cudby (New Zealand) and Deborah Davenport (ENB)   George E. Edwards (National Bar Association, USA)  
Informal contact group on developing an international conference on transportation of tropical timber.
From left to right: Simone Meira Dias (Brazil), Rócia Silva Oliveira (Brazil), and Jorge Echeverri (Colombia).



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