UNFF-2: Second Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests
UN Headquarters || 4-15 March 2002
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Day 9: Thursday, 14 March

After the completion of the ministerial dialogue with the heads of CPF member organizations, on the topic of financing for sustainable forest management, participants at UNFF-2 launched into country statements in the high-level segment. Delegates closed the ministerial portion of UNFF-2 with the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration and Message to the WSSD. Working Group I met throughout the day and into the night, as did the contact group on criteria for reviewing the effectiveness of the international arrangement on forests. Informal consultations were also held on the ad hoc expert groups, which continued well into the night.

Conclusion of the ministerial dialogue:
Financing for sustainable forest management
The US drew attention to President Bush's recent directive on illegal logging, and to the potential of debt-for-nature swaps.
Listen to US's statement
< Colombia shared his pessimistic outlook on the future of forests, and stated the need for different financial mechanisms for specific types of forests.
Listen to Colombia's statement
High-level segment:
Exchange of country experiences

The G-77/China underscored the importance of forests in sustainable development, particularly for rural and indigenous communities.
Listen to G-77/China's statement
< Spain, on behalf of the EU, underscored the importance of the multi-stakeholder dialogue, and hoped it would be better organized at UNFF-3
Listen to EU's statement
< Norway said mainstreaming forest issues into development and poverty reduction strategies could attract more ODA and other resource flows to forests. He said that the success of the international arrangement on forests will depend on its interface and coordination with other institutions and instruments that deal with forests. Note the hourglass in the Norwegian minister's hand.
Listen to Norway's statement

< Responding to Malaysia, Germany supported certification, labeling, and clear benchmarks to reverse the trend of deforestation.
Listen to Germany's statement


Mayr welcomed delegates to the second part of the ministerial segment - the further elaboration of issues discussed during the dialogue with heads of CPF member organizations. He urged ministers and delegates to share their countries' experiences in implementing the IPF/IFF proposals for action. He distributed small hourglasses to assist delegates in keeping with the allotted time.
Listen to Mayr's introduction
< South Africa said the challenge for the UNFF is to move from policy discussion to implementation. He highlighted the WSSD theme of "people, planet, prosperity."
Listen to South Africa's statement

< Malaysia said timber certification should not be used as a non-tariff barrier. He feared that disinformation among Northern consumers would prevent Southern communities from developing their local forest resources.
Listen to Malaysia's statement


< The Netherlands underscored forest community participation in the biodiversity process, and said NFPs are a major vehicle for stakeholder involvement. Emphasizing accountability to future generations, she urged a shift from conservation to sustainable use. The statement was delivered by Geke Faber, Dutch State Secretary for Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. Ms. Faber willl be chairing CBD COP-6, to be held in the Hague in April.
Listen to the Netherlands's statement

Closing Plenary of the high-level segment
< The Global Forest Policy Project said the ministerial declaration lacked substance, action and excitement; and recommended that governments commit to halting and reversing degradation, with each country specifying its own target dates during WSSD.
Listen to GFPP's statement
< A goodbye hug from Jag Maini, Head of the UNFF Secretariat.
Chair Mayr introduced the Ministerial dDeclaration and Message to the WSSD (E/CN.18/2002/L.2), which was adopted without comment. Following the adoption, Chair Mayr played some "tropical forest music" - see RealAudio, below.
Listen to adoption of the declaration, and "tropical forest music"
< A representative for indigenous communities called for recognition of fundamental rights, and financing mechanisms to ensure future participation of indigenous peoples in the UNFF.
Listen to the indigenous groups' statement
In his closing statement, UNFF-2 Chair Øistad thanked Mayr for his spirited and innovative chairmanship, noting his use of the hourglass to manage political statements.
Chair Mayr closed the high-level segment by thanking the Secretariat, the interpreters, and all participants for the many things that they taught him during his tenure as Chair. He encouraged all to continue taking small steps towards solving the world's forest challenges. The meeting adjourned to the sound of more tropical forest music, included here in the RealAudio.
< Chair Mayr shares a few parting words with Geke Faber, Dutch State Secretary for Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries.
Informals - once again, boldly into the night...
Above and below: the contact group on the Ad Hoc experts
groups was still meeting in Two UN Plaza at 10:30 PM,
and it is expected that the group will continue its work
through the night.
Above and below: The contact group on criteria for evaluation
of effectiveness, chaired by Stefan Leiner (left side of the
table, center)
completed its work save for one paragraph
which will be addressed first thing Friday morning.
Miscellaneous images
< Klaus Töpfer, Executive Secretary of UNEP, having a quick word with Osita Anaedu, Vice-Chair of the UNFF, at the back of Conference One.
< Kimo Goree, Director of Reporting Services, IISD (left) and Pamela Chasek, ENB Editor (right), speak with Luis Niño Gómez of the Permanent Mission of Venezuela and Chair of the G-77/China (center).
< IFF Co-chair Bagher Asadi chatting in the hallways with Ivan Vincenti, Minister of the Environment of Costa Rica (right), while Franz Tattenbach of the Costa Rican delegation listens.
< The above group was later joined by Anaedu.

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