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International Hydropower Association (IHA) World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower 2013

21-24 May 2013 | Kuching, Malaysia

Daily web coverage (click on the following links to see our daily web pages)
Highlights for Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Highlights from Wednesday, 22 March 2013

The opening session of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) World Congress convened on Wednesday, 22 May, in Kuching, Malaysia. Participants engaged in two plenary sessions, a high-level panel discussing directions for hydropower and a session on water and energy policies. Two parallel focus sessions took place, one on regional interconnections, and another on addressing the question of whether sustainability is constraining economic development. A special lecture during lunch discussed Sarawak’s Murum Project undertaken by the Sarawak Energy Berhard, and which when constructed will have a capacity of 944 megawatts. Side events in the afternoon were held in parallel to a meeting of Sustainability Partners, and covered: greenhouse gas (GHG) and freshwater reservoirs; net GHG emissions; and introduction to the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. In the evening a reception took place at the Old Courthouse in Kuching.

IHA World Congress 2013
Funding for coverage of this Congress has been provided by the IHA
High-Level Panel: Directions for Hydropower

A view of the dais during the opening high-level panel on directions for hydropower

Richard Taylor, Executive Director, IHA
IHA President Refaat Abdel-Malek

A view of the room during the remarks of IHA President Refaat Abdel-Malek

Yan Zhiyong, Yan Zhiyong, Vice President, China Society for Hydropower Engineering (CSHE)


Arthur Mynett, UNESCO-IHE, addressing the Congress

Jean-Michel Devernay, World Bank
Arthur Mynett, UNESCO-IHE

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani, State Secretary, Sarawak, Malaysia

Torstein Sjøtveit, CEO, Sarawark Energy Berhad (SEB)

A view of the dais during the presentation of Torstein Sjøtveit

Peter Kallang, SAVE Rivers
Delegates during the morning session
Focus Session: Is sustainability constraining economic development?

A view of the dais during the session: Emmanuel Boulet, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Joerg Hartment, Independent Consultant, Viraphonh Viravong, Vice-Minister of Mines and Energy, Lao PDR, Cecelia Tortajada, President, Third World Centre for Water Management,
Arun Sen, CEO, Lanco International, and Eugenio Barrios, WWF Mexico

Moderator John Dore, Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Emmanuel Boulet, IDB

A view of the room during the session

Participants during the Q and A session

Focus Session: Regional interconnections: making it work and maximizing value

Moderator Raghuveer Sharma, CIO, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Anthony Jude, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Jean-Michel Devern, World Bank, and Tracy Lane, IHA

A view of the dais during the session

Anthony Jude, ADB
Sameer Kumar Singh, IFC, Simon Krohn, Mekong River Commission (MRC), and Isaac Kirk Koffi, CEO, Volta River Authority
Plenary Session: Water and Energy Policies

A view of the dais during the plenary session

Yamfwa Mukanga, Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development, Zambia
Moderator Simon D’Ujanga, Minister for Energy, Uganda
James Dalton, IUCN
Zhou Shichun, Hydrochina Corporation, and Oivind Johansen, Deputy Director, Ministry for Petroleum and Energy, Norway


Jeremy Bird, Director General, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Side Events
Side event introducing the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol: Doug Smith, IHA
Side event on greenhouse gas and freshwater resources: Tracy Lane, IHA, and Chen Shiun, Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB)
Miscellaneous Photos

Action outside the conference center



Daily web coverage (click on the following links to see our daily web pages)
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