18-26  Nov. 2002
The Eighth Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands 
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FRIDAY, 22 NOV. 2002

Delegates met in Technical Sessions on wetlands management and on cultural aspects of wetlands as a tool for conservation and sustainable use. Committees on Finance and the Strategic Plan and Work Plan convened, and contact groups met to continue discussions on agriculture, climate change and the San José Record.


Natalya Kasymova (Uzbekistan) Technical Session 4 Chair

Panel Presenters:
-Chaman Lal Trisal,
Wetlands International
-Marie-Odile Guth, Director of Nature Conservation, France
-George Zalidis, STRP Greece
-Listen to Jack Rieley
International Peat Society
-Listen to Geoffrey Howard, IUCN


The technical session on managing wetlands for sustainable use and human well-being began with panel presentations by invited experts, and continued with discussions on related draft resolutions in four regionally-based groups. The session was chaired by Natalya Kasymova (Uzbekistan).

(right) Nick Davidson, Ramsar Deputy secretary General

Marie-Odile Guth

George Zalidis

Jack Rieley

Geoffrey Howard

Clay Rubec, Chair

Marie-José Viñals

Thymio Papayannis

Nick Davidson, Ramsar Deputy secretary General

Edith Wenger, WWF


The Technical Session on cultural aspects of wetlands as a tool for their conservation and sustainble use began with panel presentations by invited experts, and continued with regionally-based discussions. The Session was chaired by Clayton Rubec, Environment Canada.

Panel Presentations:
-Listen to Maria José Viñals
TSEHUMED-Universidad de Valencia, deliver an audio-visual presentation outlining different perspectives on the cultural heritage of wetlands.
-Listen to Thymio Papayannis Special Advisor to the Ramsar Secretary General, present an information paper and the draft resolution on guiding principles on the cultural aspects of wetlands, stressing that the resolution is a source of ideas and advice rather than constraint.

Many Delegates endorsed the resolution. Spain and Denmark (on behalf of the EU) highlighted the value of hunting. NGO's called for recognition of indigenous peoples' cultural rights. UNESCO welcomed its joint activities with Ramsar to improve the conservation of cultural and biological diversity, and promote a bio-cultural approach to sustainable development. Deputy Secretary General Davidson reminded delegates that the Ramsar Convention affirms the cultural value of wetlands in its preamble.

Adrian Olivier, European Archaeological Council

Veit Koester, EU

Onel Masardule, Pueblo Kuna

Regional Groups busy at work: Africa (below) Asia (Right)

The Delegation from Iran: Dr. Mohammad Mahdavi (3rd from left) attended the first Ramsar convention (in Ramsar) in 1971.
Anoushirvan Najafi (2nd from right) heads the delegation.

WWF's response to Germany refusing to supporting Ramsar's budget increase

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