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Resolution 47/188 established two funds to assist the Committee in its operations: a trust fund for the operation of the Secretariat and a voluntary fund designed to facilitate the participation of developing countries in the negotiating process.

The US announced that they intend to contribute US$200,000 to support Secretariat operations and US$50,000 to support developing country participation. Sweden announced that they would contribute 2 million Swedish crowns (approximately US$300,000) to the voluntary fund and will make an additional contribution to the Secretariat trust fund. France said that they will contribute 600,000 francs to the Secretariat trust fund and 500,000 francs to the voluntary fund. The Netherlands announced a contribution between US$300,000-500,000, but that the final figure would be determined once the Secretariat has specified what funding is necessary. Spain said that they intend to contribute 600 million pesetas (US$70,000) to enable developing countries to participate.

Germany, Norway, Japan, the UK, Canada and Denmark announced that they would also be making contributions to the funds. A number of countries had questions about the funds and the financial needs of the Secretariat and both Kjell‚n and Diallo assured that they would follow up on these matters.