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: The selection of the members of the multidisciplinary panel of experts, which will serve as the principle source of technical input for the Secretariat, will take place by the end of the first week in February when Diallo forwards a short list of social and natural scientists to UN Secretary-General Boutros-Boutros Ghali. The 12-member panel will meet from 22 - 25 February in Geneva for an orientation session and then again on 18 March to discuss the format for a convention and the title headings of the main chapters. The Secretariat would like to see the individual members of the panel serve as focal points for input from scientists in each discipline into the process. It is planned that the panel will meet approximately six weeks before each of the negotiating sessions to review the program of work and contribute to elements of the convention under negotiation. In addition, the Secretariat also has plans to convene an inter-agency working party following each Experts Group meeting.