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First PrepCom for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
30 April-2 May, New York  
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April 30 - May 02
CSD 10 
 monday 30 : tuesday 01 : summary :


Highlights from Wednesday, 2 May


Five Draft Decisions adopted by the PrepCom

PrepCom Chair Elim Salim (Indonesia) gavels the first Preparatory Session to a close

The tenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-10), acting as the preparatory committee (PrepCom) for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, took place at UN Headquarters in New York from 30 April to 2 May 2001. Over 600 participants attended the session, including representatives of governments, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs and other major groups and stakeholders. The preparatory session (PrepSess-1) was held in accordance with UN General Assembly (GA) resolution 55/199. During the session, delegates met in Plenary and informal consultations to draft the decisions of the session, as well as in informal-informals to negotiate outstanding issues. The session elected the Bureau members, considered organizational matters and deliberated on five agenda items: progress in the preparatory activities at the local, national, regional and international levels, as well as by major groups; the process for setting the agenda and determining possible main themes for the Summit; specific modalities for future preparatory meetings, including matters of accreditation for NGOs; and the rules of procedure for the preparatory sessions and the Summit. The session prepared and adopted five draft decisions. Although there was little contention over most issues, there was some debate regarding the number of Vice-Presidents at the Summit, the timing for reporting back to the PrepCom by UNEP's task force on International Environmental Governance (IEG), input to the review by major groups and other international organizations and the need for transparent open-ended consultations in the Bureau.

The Summary issue of PrepCom I will be available on Friday, 4 May


PrepCom1 Summary




CSD-9 Summary




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The Bureau (left to right): Richard Ballhorn (Canada), Ositadinma Anaedu (Nigeria), Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti (Brazil), Emil Salim (Indonesia), Diane Marie Quarless (Jamaica), Lars-Göran Engfeldt (Sweden), Kiyo Akasaka (Japan), Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (Egypt), Ex-officio member Chris Badenhorst (South Africa), and Jan Kara (Czech Republic) Not pictured: Alexandru Niculescu (Romania)


In the morning and after distribution of the draft decisions incorporating the previous evening's discussion, Chair Salim announced that the meeting would adjourn and reconvene in the afternoon so that informals could take place on the outstanding issues.

On the final day of its work, the Commission on Susely adjourned to allow time for groups to discuss the remaitainable Development (CSD-10), acting as the preparatory committee (PrepCom) for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, received a revised version of the Chairs Draft Decisions. The morning session immediatning outstanding issues. At approximately 3:30 pm, the PrepCom reconvened to consider the Draft Decisions. At approximately 5:00pm, the Closing Plenary adjourned. The five Decisions were taken by the PrepCom address: Progress in the preparatory activities at the local, national and international levels as well as by major groups; Specific modalities of future sessions of the Preparatory Committee; Tentative organization of work during the World Summit on Sustainable Development; Rules of Procedure of the World Summit for Sustainable Development; and Arrangements for accreditation and participation in the preparatory process and in the Summit of relevant NGOs and other major groups.
The Bureau has an informal meeting after the adjournment of the morning session
The EU coordinates their discussion of the Draft Decisions

Consideration of draft decisions

Bureau members Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (Egypt) and Diane Marie Quarless (Jamaica)

Egypt supported text stating that other processes should be considered by the CSD, not integrated into the CSD

Antigua and Barbuda said that Egypt was just stating his preference, not calling for an amendment to the text. Discussions followed where Egypt stated that it was indeed calling for an amendment.

Iran, on behalf of the G77/China supported Egypt, but called for informal formal consultations to clear up the matter.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen supported Egypt's preference for CSD consideration of other intergovernmental processes, not integration.

After the EU said it could agree to changing the text and brief consultations among G-77 members, the decision was adopted with the amendments suggested by Egypt.

Mohammad Reza Salamat (Iran) and John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) discuss the Draft Decision
Regarding Draft Decision 2 on Specific modalities of future sessions of the PrepCom, Sweden, for the EU, said they could not agree to holding the second preparatory session at the same time as the UNEP Global Ministerial Environment Forum.
Brazil suggested a letter be formally sent to the Governing Council President

said that it would notify the UNEP Governing Council President and suggest rethinking the dates of the Forum.
Regarding Decision 5 on arrangements for accreditation and participation, China changed references to stakeholders to accredited NGOs.
Regarding Draft Decision 1, on progress in preparatory activities, Croatia added reference to IFAD's Rural Poverty Report 2000.
Bhutan after the adoption of the decisions

Closing Plenary
The dias during the Closing Plenary
Conference Room 3 during the Closing Plenary

Under Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs Nitin Desai
said the decisions taken provide a valuable roadmap to the 2002 Summit, and urged delegates to stay engaged in the sustainable development process until the next preparatory session.
Bolivia recommended that delegates encourage support from governments at national and regional levels in order to maintain political momentum.

In his closing remarks, PrepCom Chair Emil Salim expressed hope that the cooperative spirit at the first PrepCom would prevail, and said success in Johannesburg depends on: the spirit of the meeting; the participation of Heads of State; and the content of deliberations.
The Indonesian delegation; PrepCom Chair Elim Salim is in the center

Miscellaneous Photos
The South African delegation (left) and ENB writers Alison Ornsby and Wagaki Mwangi with Himmat Mavi (Malaysia)
Delegates cannot live without the daily ENB!
The Secretariat announced that the CSD-9 final decisions were available and that the energy decision would be available shortly. Please visit


Richard Ballhorn, Canada (left), Elizabeth Dowdeswell,former Executive Director of UNEP (center)

Kimo Goree, ENB Managing Editor, with PrepCom Chair Emil Salim

ENB writer Wendy Jackson with the Brazilian delegation and Andrei Vasilyev


Bureau members Richard Ballhorn (Canada), Jan Kara (Czech Republic) and Kiyo Akasaka (Japan)

Bureau Members

Jan Kara (Czech Republic), Lars-Göran Engfeldt (Sweden) and Emil Salim (Indonesia)

Kiyo Akasaka (Japan) and Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin (Egypt) and Ositadinma Anaedu (Nigeria) for Africa
Diane Marie Quarless (Jamaica)

Side Event: International Conference on Freshwater: A German Contribution to the World Summit on Sustainable Development
Organized by Government of Germany
Ms Dagmara Berbalk, Head of Division, National and International Water Policy, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nauture Protection and Nuclear Safety Germany
Germany announced the International Conference on Freshwater-"Water-a key to sustainable development", which will take place from 3-7 December in Bonn Germany. The Conference is intended to contribute to the 2002 Summit. The aims of the Conference are to review the progress achieved in the implementation of freshwater related objectives set out in Agenda 21 (Chapter 18), identify remaining obstacles, and define necessary actions that contribute to fulfilling the UN Millennium Declaration. For further information contact the Secretariat of the International Conference on Freshwater: or visit

Side Event: Joint Briefing by South African NGOs and Government and the Secretariat
Issues discussed at this briefing included accommodations, site of the NGO conference center, visas, and other logistical preparations for the Summit.




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