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IISD/ENB+ @ 6th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific | 3R-FORUM6 | 18 August 2015 | Malé, Maldives | IISD Reporting Services
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Sixth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific -
3R as an Economic Industry - Next Generation 3R Solutions for a
Resource-Efficient Society and Sustainable Tourism Development in Asia and the Pacific

16-19 August 2015 | Malé, Maldives

Highlights for Tuesday, 18 August 2015

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Choudhury Rudra Charan Mohanty, UNCRD, and Heinz Schandl, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia, consulting with UNCRD team

6th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the PacificThe Sixth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific continued on Tuesday, 18 August 2015 in Malé, Maldives.

The day began with five parallel thematic roundtables.  Four of these focused on "economic opportunities through 3R" regarding: the urban sector; construction and demolition waste; biomass waste; and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The fifth roundtable was a special session on small island developing States (SIDS), examining how 3R and resource efficiency can contribute towards realizing the objectives and aspirations underlined in the SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action (S.A.M.O.A.) Pathway, which was adopted at the Third International Conference on SIDS held in September 2014.

A morning plenary session then focused on the challenges and opportunities in Asia involved in extended producer responsibility (EPR) and industrial ecological grants for sustainable material management, with presentations on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) experience in enabling policy and regulatory frameworks for EPR, EPR in the Republic of Korea, EPR design and guidelines in Japan regarding packaging materials, home appliances and batteries, industrial ecology grants in South Australia, and EPR in promotion of China's Circular Economy Law.

After lunch five parallel country breakout sessions heard brief reports by each country on their major achievements and initiatives regarding implementation of the Ha Noi 3R Declaration, the critical challenges faced by each, as well as major plans.

A subsequent plenary session heard reports by the rapporteurs of the morning thematic roundtables and afternoon country breakout groups on their sessions.

The final plenary session of the day focused on the waste and freshwater nexus in Asia and the Pacific, with presentations on the regional situation and the specific case of India.

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Thematic Parallel Roundtable Dialogues ~ Economic Opportunities through 3R - Sectoral Experiences

Parallel Roundtable 1: Economic Opportunities from 3R ~ Urban Sector

Toshiaki Yoshioka, Tohoku University, Japan

Jae-Hyuk Hyun, President, Korean Society of Waste Management

A room view during the Parallel Rountable 1

Jouko Saarela, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Markus Reuter, Outotec, Finland

Parallel Roundtable 2: Economic Opportunities through 3R ~ Construction and Demolition Waste

A view of the panel during Parallel Roundtable 2

Weisheng Lu, University of Hong Kong, China

Iruthishaam Adam, Minister of Health, Maldives

A room view during rountable 2

Parallel Roundtable 3: Economic Opportunities through 3R ~ Biomass Waste

A view of the panel during Parallel Roundtable 3

Mohammad Asadullah, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

Gen Takahashi, JFE Engineering Corporation, Japan

Parallel Roundtable 5: Special Session of SIDS - How 3R and Resource Efficiency can contribute towards the objectives and aspiration underlined in the S.A.M.O.A Pathway

Ma Bella Guinto, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

Rosemary Ruth Apa, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Solomon Islands

Heinz Schandl, CSIRO, Australia

Hideshige Takada, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

A room view during rountable 5

Plenary Session 4: Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) and Industrial Ecology Grants for Sustainable Material Management - Challenges and Opportunity in Asia

The dais during plenary session 4

Yoshinori Suga, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Abdulla Ziyad, Minister of State, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Maldives

Hideki Minamikawa, President, Japan Environmental Sanitation Center (JESC)

Ryu Hyejung, Korea Environment Corporation, Republic of Korea

Vaughan Levitzke, Chief Executive, Zero Waste South Australia

Jinhui Li, Tsinghua University

Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed, Managing Director, Malé Water and Sewerage Company, Maldives

Sunee Piyapanpong, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

Country Breakout Sessions

Group 1

Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq, Facilitator

Li Zhang, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China

Aishath Shiham, Minister of Education, Maldives

Chaiya Boonchit, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

Group 2

Thaung Oo, Ministry of Industry, Myanmar

Jun Daito, Ministry of Environment, Japan

Calvin Ikesiil, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries, and Commerce, Palau

Nguyen Trung Viet, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Amarsanaa Batsuren, Mongolian Demolition Association, Mongolia

Group 3

Mele Mafileo Huiuha Masi, Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications, Tonga

Mohamed Saeed, Minister of Economic Development, Maldives

Bouakham Soulivanh, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao PDR

Group 5

Eligio T. Ildefonso, Executive Director, National Solid Waste Management Commission, the Philippines

Abdulla Jihad, Minister of Finance and Treasury, Maldives

Natalia Sokolova, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Russian Federation

Abu Hasnat Md. Maqsood Sinha, Co-founder and Executive Director, Waste Concern, Bangladesh

Plenary Session 5: Reporting Back by Thematic Parallel Roundtable Dialogues and Country Breakout Sessions

The dais during plenary session 5

Muhammad Khurshid, Director General, South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP)

K.D. Bhardwaj, Asian Productivity Organization (APO)

Mohamed Muizzu, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Maldives

Yuiko Taira, Asian 3R Citizens' Network

Plenary Session 6: Waste and Freshwater Nexus ~ 3R for Water Security in Asia and the Pacific

The dais during plenary session 6

Sunil Herat, Griffith University, Australia

Saraswati Prasad, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, India

Ar. Yogeshwar K. Parajuli, Ministry of Urban Development, Nepal

Koh Kim Hock, National Environment Agency, Singapore

Around the Venue

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