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GEO Week 2021

22–26 November 2021 | Online


GEO Week 2021 provided an opportunity for GEO to engage with its vast community, including the four regional GEOs, discuss efforts needed to accelerate action in GEO towards environmental and social impact, and consider progress by GEO in bridging the digital divide by democratizing access to data and technologies. 

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Photo courtesy of the NASA's Landsat Program
Photo courtesy of the NASA's Landsat Program

An intergovernmental partnership of more than 100 countries, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) highlights the value and usefulness of open Earth observations data and information for research, policy, decisions and action. Global Earth Observation System of Systems aims to link existing and planned observing systems around the world and support the development of new systems where gaps currently exist. It facilitates the sharing of environmental data and information collected from the large array of observing systems contributed by countries and organizations within GEO. GEO’s global priorities include making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action, and disaster risk reduction.

The GEO Plenary is the Group’s highest decision-making body. Plenary meetings are held once a year and decisions are taken through consensus. The GEO Executive Committee oversees GEO’s activities when the Plenary is not in session. GEO Week 2021 included the Seventeenth Plenary Session (GEO-17) and the 56th meeting of the GEO Executive Committee.

In addition, the Week featured the Youth Track, Industry Track, Anchor Sessions, and side events. These interactive events, together with the Plenary sessions, aimed to, inter alia, present the many activities of the GEO work programme that address climate change, biodiversity, the ocean, and ecosystem restoration, among others. GEO Week 2021 also highlighted how the use of earth observations in different sectors contributes to these issues and why integration across thematic areas is essential.

GEO Week 2021 took place virtually from 22-26 November 2021.

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