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Second Meeting of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture acting as the Interim Committee for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

15-19 November 2004, Rome, Italy

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Highlights for Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Delegates to the second session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA) acting as Interim Committee for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGR) considered the draft financial rules for the Governing Body and the funding strategy for the Treaty. They also addressed the Global Crop Diversity Trust, and the work programmes and budgets of the Governing Body and the Interim Committee. Above photo: The G-77/China in regional consultations.

A representative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) gave an overview of WIPO activities regarding: a policy platform for the protection of traditional knowledge; defensive protection of traditional knowledge; and the impact of intellectual property rights on the availability of genetic materials stored in ex situ collections. Left photo: Shakeel Bahti (WIPO) 

Draft financial rules for the governing body:

ERITREA noted the need to incorporate the authority of the Governing Body for making appropriations, and to transfer any unliquidated prior year obligations against current appropriations. Above photo: Yohannes Tensue (Eritrea)

The EU requested text stating that the FAO financial rules and procedures shall apply mutatis mutandis to all matters not specifically dealt with under the financial rules of the Governing Body. Above photo: Hans Hoogeven (The Netherlands on behalf of the EU)

The US suggested bracketing language stating that Contracting Parties that are not FAO Members shall contribute towards the expenses borne by FAO in a proportionate amount to be determined by the FAO Director-General. Above photo: David Hegwood (US)

COLOMBIA suggested that the Governing Body may adopt the indicative scale for voluntary contributions by Contracting Parties by consensus or majority vote. Above photo: Ricardo Carrasco Torres (Colombia)

JAPAN suggested a rule on the overriding authority of the Treaty in the event of a conflict with the financial rules. Above photo: Hideo Inomata (Japan)

In response to an enquiry by CANADA about reimbursement of FAO for the administrative and operational support services provided to the Governing Body, a representative of the FAO Budget Service indicated that funds under the ITPGR are considered FAO Normative Programmes and are subject to a 6% servicing charge. Above photo L-R: Stan Benda, Isabelle Therrien, Timothy Hodges (Canada) in a conversation with Patrick Clerkin (US)

Funding strategy for the Treaty:

MALAYSIA prioritized resource mobilization from international funds and , supported by the EU and the US, proposed that the Secretariat prepare a first draft of the funding strategy for submission to the Governing Body. Above photo: Han Hee Chan (Malaysia)

NORWAY requested that the Secretariat compile information on plans and programmes for developing country farmers, and an assessment of their needs, as well as information on ongoing plans and activities relevant to the ITPGR in bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation. Above photo: Jan Borring (Norway)

IRAN requested studies on funding targets and on the relationship with the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Above photo: Javad Mozafari (Iran)

ANGOLA emphasized the need for a concerted plan for the funding of GPA and Treaty implementation. Above photo L-R: Elizabeth Matos (Angola) and Maria Angelica Ikeda (Brazil)

BRAZIL, supported by many, called for an open period of time for submission of views on the funding strategy to the Secretariat. Above photo L-R: Saulo Ceolin and Maria Angelica Ikeda (Brazil)

Chair Harvey said a document collecting views will be prepared, for countries’ comments and for consideration by the Governing Body.


Above photos L-R: Maris Gavino and Noel de Luna (The Philippines); Álvaro Toledo (CGRFA) in consultation with Elizabeth Matos (Angola); Norwegian delegates, Jan Borring and Grethe Evjen in a conversation with Geert Kleijer (Switzerland)

Above photos L-R: Mehmet Uyanik (Turkey) and Hamza Naceur (Tunisia); João Miguel Lomelino de Freitas (Portugal);  Eng-Siang Lim, Chair of CGRFA-10 with ENB writers Elsa Tsioumani, Asmita Bhardwaj and Stefan Jungcurt

Above photos L-R: Medi Moungui (Cameroon); Wang Shumin and Xu Jie (China); Gerald Moore (IPGRI) and Arturo Martinez (FAO)

Above photo L-R: Clive Stannard and Martin Smith (CGRFA); Adam Mohamed Abu Baker (Sudan); Modesto Fernández (Cuba), Elizabeth Matos (Angola) and Maria Angelica Ikeda (Brazil)



The ESA Division at FAO made a presentation on the role of markets for promoting sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture for the implementation of ITPGR. Placing seed markets, both formal and informal, within the larger discourse on “re-governing markets,” the presentation informed participants on issues including market based approaches such as crop diversity fairs in alleviating seed insecurity. The larger FAO project on this theme aims to produce a guide for policymakers, case studies on managing markets and to introduce training and capacity building program in various countries.

Above photos L-R: FAO panel with Thomas Arthur Osborn, Leslie Lipper, Prabhu Pingali, and Kostas Stamoulis

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