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Open-ended Inter-sessional Meeting on the Multi-Year Programme of Work up to 2010 of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity  
17 - 20 March 2003 | Montreal, Canada


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Thursday, 20 March 2003

Delegates to MYPOW convened in closing Plenary on Thursday, 20 March, to adopt recommendations on: achieving the 2010 target; the multi-year programme of work of the COP up to 2010; legal and socioeconomic aspects of technology transfer and cooperation; the WSSD outcomes as it relates to the Convention process; an international regime for ABS; future evaluation of progress in implementing the Convention and Strategic Plan; and the CBD's contribution to the Millennium Development Goals and the Commission on Sustainable Development. They also adopted the meeting's report and heard closing statements from regional groups and observers. 

Closing Plenary:

On Friday, Chair Hoogeven (center) opened the closing Plenary, calling on the Chairs of WG-I and WG-II to report on their work. 

WG-I Chair Verma (right) and WG-II Chair Beltram (left) introduced, and delegates adopted, recommendations forwarded from the working groups. 

Delegates then adopted WG-I's report (UNEP/CBD/MYPOW/L.1/Add.1) and WG-II's report (UNEP/CBD/MYPOW/L.1/Add.2), with minor amendments. Rapporteur Black-Layne (Antigua and Barbuda) (right) introduced the meeting's report (UNEP/CBD/MYPOW/L.1). Chair Hoogeveen suggested that a draft recommendation on achieving the 2010 target and measuring progress to that end (UNEP/CBD/MYPOW/L.2/Rev.1) be incorporated into the report. Delegates adopted the report with this amendment. Recommendation UNEP/CBD/MYPOW/L.2/Rev.1 recalls the Hague Ministerial Declaration issued at COP-6 and the WSSD Plan of Implementation commitment to significantly reduce the current rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010. It welcomes the Executive Secretary's initiative to organize a meeting from 21-23, May 2003, on 2010 the Biodiversity Challenge; invites Parties and others concerned to participate in, and contribute to, this initiative; requests the Executive Secretary to report on the meeting's outcome to SBSTTA-9 to provide advice on follow-up at COP-7; and urges Parties and others to contribute to the achievement of the 2010 target and to report thereon, through the Secretariat, at other meetings organized in the CBD framework prior to COP-7, and thereafter, at each COP meeting. 

Under other matters, Malaysia (left), COP-7 host country, said it was co-organizing a High Level Roundtable with the Government of the Nertherlands, on protected areas and ecological networks and corridors. 


Czech Republic

Chair Hoogeveen then invited statements from Parties and observers. The Czech Republic, on behalf of the Central and Eastern European Countries, Bangladesh, on behalf of the Asia and Pacific Region, Australia on behalf of the JUSCAN, Colombia on behalf of GRULAC, Fiji, on behalf of small islands developing States, and a representative of UNEP expressed their appreciation to the Government of Canada and the Secretariat for organizing the meeting. Mexico, on behalf of the LMMC, said that an international legally binding regime on ABS would fulfill the WSSD mandate. Cameroon, on behalf of the African Group, stressed that technology transfer should be country driven and recommended that the ABS Working Group be given an additional day to consolidate their work. Greece, on behalf of the EU, called for full and effective implementation of the Bonn Guidelines to be supplemented by ongoing discussions about an international regime. Syria, on behalf of the Arab Group, lamented the attack on Iraq and reiterated Arab countries' commitment to implement the CBD. Norway invited participants to the Trondheim Conference on Technology Transfer, in June 2003. The CIBN called for organizing a meeting to support indigenous participation in the ABS process, prior to the next meeting of the ABS Working Group. 

CBD Executive Secretary Zedan highlighted the adoption of a solid multi-year programme of work, activities related to the WSSD outcomes, including work on developing an international regime on ABS, and commitments to implementing the CBD's objectives and the 2010 target. 

Chair Hoogeveen
said the guidance of nature is needed to find peace, called for a shift from policy making to implementation, and thanked the participants for their effective contributions. He closed the meeting at 12:05 pm.
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