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European Forest Week

20-24 October 2008 | Rome, Italy

Highlights for Thursday, 23 October 2008


The joint meeting of the Sixty-sixth session of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Timber Committee and Thirty-fourth session of the FAO European Forestry Commission met for its third day on Thursday, 23 October 2008. In the morning, participants met in plenary to consider “Forests and Water.” In the afternoon, plenary reconvened to approve the strategic plan 2008-2013 of the joint UNECE Timber Committee and FAO European Forest Commission program of work, and the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) resumed its work.

Above photo: Joint FAO and UNECE European Forest Week Organizing Team


In the morning, plenary considered “Forests and Water.” The UNECE Water Convention Working Group on Integrated Water Resource Management, chaired by Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland, considered this topic in greater depth in the afternoon. Paolo Garonna, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNECE, opened the session, followed by a keynote  address by Christian Küchli, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and a panel discussion.

Sibylle Vermont, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland, Chair of the plenary on Forests and Water.
Paolo Garonna, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNECE.
  Christian Küchli, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.

Above photo L-R: Pier Carlo Zingari, European Landowners Organization; Gerald Steindlegger, WWF; and Christian Küchli, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.   Above photo L-R: Hillevi Eriksson, Swedish Forest Agency; Edward Pierzgalski, Forest Research Institute, Poland; and Eric Toppan, Private Forestry Federation, France.

Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland, reconvened the Working Group on IWRM in the afternoon.   Kjersti Fjellstad, Norway, MCPFE.   Jos Timmerman (front) and Joost J. Buntsma (back) reported on "Climate proofing of water management."



Above photo L-R: Virginia Cram-Martos, UNECE; Co-Chair Johann Georg Dengg; Kit Prins, UNECE; Co-Chair Alain Chaudron, Jan Heino Assitant Director-General, FAO; and Wulf Killmann, FAO.

Virginia Cram-Martos, UNECE.
Jan Heino, Assistant Director-General, FAO Forestry Department.
Douglas Kneeland, Secretary of the FAO Committee on Forests (COFO).



Ed Pepke and Richard Vlosky UNECE/FAO.   Alessandra Fidanza, University of Viterbo.   Piotr Borkowski, Poland and Ivonne Higuerro, UNEP.   Nora Berrahmouni, WWF.   Peter Csóka, UNFF.


Participants from the Russian Federation.


Heikki Granholm, Finland

  Eric Allain, France.   Olle Olsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.   Loredana Dall'Ora, Italy.

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