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Country-Led Initiative in Support of the Multi-Year Programme of Work of the UNFF: Charting the Way Forward to 2015
Bali, Indonesia | 13-16 February, 2007

Bali WGs End, Delegates Visit Mangroves

On Thursday, the Country-Led Initiative (CLI) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPOW) convened for its third day of discussions. In the morning, participants met for final working group sessions on Themes of UNFF Biennial Meetings and Modalities. The working group on Regional and Sub-regional Dimensions, having completed their work early, released a draft summary report. In the late morning, participants met in plenary to hear summaries of the outcomes of each working group. In the afternoon, participants attended a field trip to a mangrove demonstration forest and a sacred Balinese temple.

Above: CLI participants at the Bali Mangrove Information Centre.

Thursday, 15 February
Working Groups

WG1 discussed five options for dividing themes into clusters for future sessions of UNFF.

Mick George, Australia, stressed the importance of certification in sustainable forest management.

Fiji called for communication to the rest of the world about the 2011 Year of Forests.

Argentina supported using headings that are comprehensible and appealing to people outside the forest sector.

Participants in Working Group 2 considered the group's draft report on modalities.

Delegates read the draft WG report at the start of the group's morning session.

Taina Veltheim, Finland, stressed the importance of the relationship of the MYPOW to the NLBI and proposed moving this to the beginning of the report as a chapeau.

Sandra Ribey, Canada, pointed out confusing terminology within the report and requested that it be revised and made consistent.

WG1 Co-chair Paul Lolo, Nigeria, presented the draft WG1 report.

WG2 Co-chair Ingwald Gschwandtl, Austria, presented the draft WG2 report.

WG3 Co-chair Peter Mayer, IUFRO, presented the draft WG3 report.
Field Trip

Delegates walked around the Mangrove Information Centre on elevated boardwalks.

Youth participants showed off their new CLI hats.

One tour guide fell off the boardwalk and had to be fished out of the water.

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