11th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development 
UN Headquarters, New York, 28 April - 9 May 2003




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CSD-11 Highlights, Monday, April 28th

Left to Right: Klaus Töpfer, UNEP Executive Director;
              Nitin Desai,
UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs;
              CSD11 Chair Valli Moosa, South Africa's Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

The 11th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-11) began on Monday at UN headquarters in New York. During the opening plenary, delegates heard introductory statements and adopted the agenda and organization of work.  In the afternoon, a ministerial round table took place, with participation of leaders from Major Groups, on the issues of poverty eradication and changing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production.


CSD11opened with a singing performance by labor union members and a ceremonial lighting of a candle by Chair Moosa, who  informed delegates that their task was to decide on modalities and a future work programme for the CSD.

Opening Speeches

Valli Moosa said problems such as global warming, hunger and disease must be tackled with the �same vigor recently displayed by some on the military front.�



Nitin Desai
said participants must consider how to support concrete implementation of commitments made at the WSSD.

  Klaus Töpfer said a key issue for UNEP was how to coordinate its work with that of other UN bodies.

Ministerial Statements

During the ministerial statements, GREECE, on behalf of the EU, called for the structure of the two-year work cycle proposed in the Secretary-General�s report to be simplified. AUSTRALIA and CANADA suggested focusing on one theme over a two-year cycle. Many delegates supported selecting themes that lack a clear institutional home within the UN system. NORWAY supported sustainable consumption and production as another important theme, while PORTUGAL proposed prioritizing water and sanitation, and oceans.


Mohammed El Yazghi
Minister of Territory, Development, Water and Environment of the Kindom of Morocco on behalf of the G77/China 

Rodoula Zisi, Deputy Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works of Greece on behalf of the European Union

Borge Brende Minister of the Environment of Norway


David Kemp, MP Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Australia

Tokia Saifi, Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, France 

David Anderson, Canada's Environmental Minister


Ronnie Kasrils, Minister of Water Affairs and Foresty, South Africa

Amílcar Theias, Minister of Urban Affairs, Spacial Planning and Environment of Portugal

Afternoon Session

On Monday afternoon, Chair Moosa introduced the
interactive ministerial round table, indicating that the issues to be discussed were poverty eradication and changing unsustainable patterns of sustainable consumption and production.
INDIGENOUS PEOPLE insisted on attaining water targets in a culturally-sensitive way.

MALI (photo on right) noted that, while the UN Millennium Declaration goal on safe drinking water is important, a broader approach focused on protecting water resources is crucial.

On gender issues, BRAZIL stressed the need to improve the status of women in sustainable development, and regarding energy, highlighted its proposal for a global initiative for 10% renewable energy by 2010.  

JAPAN urged the international community to consider establishing a common recycling target, and to engage in international research on this matter. YOUTH noted the lack of their involvement and called for an increased focus on education for sustainable consumption and production.




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