11th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development 
UN Headquarters, New York, 28 April - 9 May 2003




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CSD-11 Highlights, Tuesday, April 29th

Conference room of the morning high-level segment


On Tuesday morning, delegates heard statements by ministers and other high-level representatives on “Visions for the Future CSD.” They also participated in two regional implementation forums: ECE and ECLAC.

In the afternoon, ministerial round table discussions considered “Protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development” and “Health and sustainable development.”

Morning Plenary Panel Members (Left to Right):
JoAnne Disano;
CSD Chair Valli Moosa; Antonio Debaws

Morning Session

European Commissioner Paul Nielson,



Ministerial Statements

With regard to the extent of forward planning for the work programme, SENEGAL said the programme could look ahead three cycles (six years), while LUXEMBOURG favored setting it four to six cycles ahead. The US and SWITZERLAND suggested addressing one single key theme during each cycle.

On the selection of issues for future sessions, GERMANY underscored the role of renewable energy in poverty reduction. GABON highlighted health, and FINLAND identified sanitation.

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Japan (Yoshiki Mine)


Venezuela (Ana Elisa Osorio)


Germany (Jürgen Trittin)

United States
(Paula Dobrianski)


Gabon (Emile Doumba)







Regional Meetings: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)


Marina Silva, Brazil


Bruno Stagno, Costa Rica
John Forgach, Private Sector

This session was chaired by Albert Binger, Center for Environment and Development, University of the West Indies. Bruno Stagno, Permanent Representative of Costa Rica, outlined the region’s institutional and operational experience, stating that it forms a sound basis for implementing sustainable development. John Forgach, A2-R Environmental Funds, highlighted the role of regional development banks and small- to medium-sized enterprises in sustainable development. Marina Da Silva, Brazil’s Environment Minister, underscored the importance of linking environmental goals with social and economic development.

Jose Manuel Ovalle (on left), Chile


Damaso Luna, Mexico
Ester Camac, Indigenous People

During the subsequent discussion, ARGENTINA drew attention to a recent regional meeting on sustainable consumption and production. MEXICO identified interagency coordination and the development of sustainable development indicators as priority issues. CHILE said UN agencies are essential for achieving sustainable development in the region and, with others, supported the proposal for a Sessional Committee of ECLAC. COSTA RICA stressed the harmonization of sustainable development policies and actions at the regional level, and called for the development of financial instruments. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE called for greater efforts to involve them in ECLAC’s follow-up to the WSSD. Stating that the Secretariat’s proposal to organize regional implementation forums around the UN regional commissions was not focused on outcomes, the US suggested non-geographically based groupings. CANADA also stated that regional implementation should not be restricted to the UN regional commissions and expressed its wish to work with LAC countries, particularly in the areas of health and environment, and knowledge transfer.

Regional Meetings: Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)

This session was chaired by UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Joke Waller-Hunter (below,left). Kaj Barlund (below,centre), ECE Executive Director, outlined the Commission’s work on follow-up to the WSSD, including its intention to establish an open forum on sustainable development for discussions among all ECE partners, with a strong emphasis on civil society.



Afternoon Sessions

Health and sustainable development

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY said health commitments will need to be met in part by the marketplace, coupled with good governance, transparency and accountability.


  Business and Industry


WOMEN stressed that gender issues are critical in addressing human health, and raised concerns regarding unequal access to health services.INDIGENOUS PEOPLE stressed the issues of POPs and HIV/AIDS, and called on the CSD to ensure, inter alia, impact assessments as a prerequisite for mining operations and protection of traditional healing systems.

Listen to Opec



Natural Resource Management

CBD COP President Hans Hoogeveen of the Netherlands (immediate right) suggested that ministers address how the CBD and other conventions could contribute to the implementation process and proposed that CSD-11 provide a clear mechanism on how the conventions can report to it.


On capacity building, LESOTHO and PAKISTAN stressed the importance of building the capacity of rural people to manage natural resources.
Linking biodiversity and poverty, NORWAY said biodiversity loss cannot be addressed in the CBD alone, and requires a broader approach. On water issues, CROATIA proposed the development of regional strategies for sustainable development.


Regarding education and awareness raising, YOUTH maintained that their involvement is critical to the implementation of JPOI, and stressed the importance of education in supporting such involvement.


Side Event: Johannesburg Implementation in Practice: Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development:

Panel (left to right): Burkhand Holder, Solarfabrik AG Freiburg, Altero Matteoli, Italian Environment Minister, Bruce Bailly, AWS Scientific, Marina Silva, Brazilian Environment Minister, J�rgen Trittin, German Environment Minister, Rajendra K. Pachauri, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Chair of the Intergovernmental on Climate Change, Valli Moosa, CSD Chair and South African Environment Minister, Richard Spencer, World Bank, William McCalpin, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Helga Flores Trejo, Heinrich B�ll Foundation, and Moderator Christopher Flavin, Worldwatch Institute
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