11th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development 
UN Headquarters, New York, 28 April - 9 May 2003




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CSD11 Highlights, Wednesday, April 30th

 On Wednesday morning, delegates heard statements by ministers and other high-level representatives on “Visions for the future CSD" and attended an interactive ministerial round table. In the afternoon, delegates participated in three regional implementation forums and Chair Moosa presented his summary of the high-level segment.


Morning Session

Ministerial Statements

Vice Chair Irena Zubĉeviĉ



On Wednesday morning, ministers and other high-level government officials continued to present their views on the future modalities and work programme of the CSD. MONGOLIA recommended that CSD sessions include the exchange of best practices, information dissemination and capacity building activities. FIJI, on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum Group, proposed that the CSD act as the preparatory process for the 10-year review of the Barbados Programme of Action.
The MARSHALL ISLANDS, on behalf of SIDS, urged that climate change be accorded the highest priority. DENMARK supported addressing each theme through the cross-cutting issues of poverty eradication, gender equality and sustainable consumption and production.A number of speakers called for broader participation by Major Groups and other stakeholders in the CSD process, with KENYA suggesting that educators and scientists be involved in panel discussions, and that multi-stakeholder dialogues be interspersed throughout the CSD session, and not organized as stand-alone segments.


Listen to Mozambique (Francisco Mabjaia, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs)

Listen to Mongolia (Choisuren Baatar Ambassador)






Marshall Islands

Kenya Newton Kulundi, Minister of the Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife
Denmark  Dan Nielsen, Ambassador
Fiji Isikia R. Savua on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum





Interactive Ministerial Round Table

During the Ministerial Round Table, speakers discussed a variety of issues, including ODA, private sector investment, partnerships and collaboration, national strategies for sustainable development (NSSDs), governance, and technology transfer. On ODA, several speakers noted that an additional US$50 billion per year is required to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).



The MILLENNIUM PROJECT emphasized that these goals are achievable, and called for a significant increase in Official Development Assistance (ODA), improved market access and technology transfer. UNDP confirmed the “quantum jump” required in ODA, adding that “we can’t pretend the private sector can substitute for that.” The US said resources could not come from governments alone, and supported a framework encouraging private sector investment. He also called for an end to trade-distorting subsidies in the agricultural sector.


Under-secretary-general for Economic and Social Affairs
Nitin Desai
Millennium Project Head Jeffrey Sachs

UNESCO, Director General
Koichiro Matsuura


UNDP Administrator, Mark Malloch Brown
World Bank, Ian Johnston, Vice president

UK Environment Minister Margaret Beckett


GEF, CEO and chairman Mohammed El Ashry
USA, Assistant Secretary of State John Turner




Afternoon Sessions

Regional Implementation Forum: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

This session was chaired by Babacar Ndiaye, African Development Bank (shown in photo on left, below). In his opening remarks, Wiseman Nkhulu, NEPAD, (photo on right, below) noted that NEPAD is Africa’s vehicle for implementing the WSSD. Josue Dione, ECA, highlighted programmes addressing integrated water resources management, land-related policies, science and technology for agricultural development, and monitoring of progress on sustainable development. Bakary Kante, UNEP, (far left, top)eported that UNEP is addressing the implementation of the African chapter of the JPOI with regard to institutions, priority issues, and partnerships. Fatou Ndoye, Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa, highlighted the establishment of the Forum for African Civil Society, which aims to support civil society in monitoring the MDGs and WSSD’s outcomes.




Regional Implementation Forum: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)



  This session was chaired by R.K. Pachauri, Director General of TERI (in photo on far left). Ravi Sawhney, ESCAP, reported on concrete actions in the area of sustainable development undertaken by ESCAP since the WSSD.Russell Howorth, South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission, noted that SIDS do not follow UN regional groupings, but instead are coordinated through AOSIS. He stressed that the international community should utilize existing structures, and not request SIDS to report to UN regional commissions. Anita Nirody, UNDP, described Capacity 2015 (UNDP�s initiative on capacity development) and outlined activities underway in the region.


Regional Implementation Forum: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

This session was chaired by Hisham Khatib (photo on left, below), former Jordanian Minister of Planning and former Chair of the World Energy Council. Hosny Khordagni, ESCWA, (far left in panel, above) outlined steps taken in the region to implement the JPOI, and reported on restructuring within ESCWA, which he said would strengthen its role in supporting implementation. Imad Moustapha (photo on right, below), College of Informatics, Syria, highlighted difficulties in implementing sustainable development, including wars and conflicts that have disrupted the region in recent decades. In particular, he referred to �sub-human conditions� endured by many Palestinians, and to the situation in Iraq. Mohammed Hamel, OPEC (center, below), explained his organization�s role in promoting sustainable development in the energy sector.



Chair Moosa's Summary

 Chair Moosa presented his summary of CSD-11�s high-level segment. He noted delegates� endorsement of CSD�s role supporting coordination and implementation of sustainable development objectives, and a commitment to a revitalized CSD with an action-oriented work programme.







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