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CSD-13 Intergovernmental Prep Meeting
United Nations headquarters, New York
28 February - 4 March 2005

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Delegates met throughout the day to discuss water and sanitation issues. On water, discussions focused on: providing access to safe drinking water; preparing IWRM plans and creating an institutional framework for IWRM; enhancing water use efficiency and managing competing uses; and addressing water quality, ecosystem management and disaster prevention. On sanitation, delegates addressed issues concerning: providing access to adequate sanitation; and managing wastewater and strengthening monitoring systems. In the afternoon, an expert panel introduced policy options and possible actions for addressing human settlements, which was followed by an interactive discussion session.

Tuesday, 1 March

The session on water was chaired by Vice-Chair Khaled Elbakly of Egypt.

Claude Origer of Luxembourg, speaking for the EU, said local initiatives should be housed within a national framework.

Gary Pringle of Canada stressed the need for an intergovernmental home for water and sanitation issues.

Indonesia identified the need to ensure that capacity-building activities are culturally and locally acceptable.

Nigeria discussed maintaining water supply infrastructure to prevent leakage.

Alf Wills of South Africa noted that water should be considered a national asset.

Norway urged tailoring IWRM approaches to country circumstances.

Raphael Azeredo of Brazil recommended user-pays and polluter-pays systems for water quality.

Barbados advocated applying "reduce, reuse, recycle" to water.

Madagascar, speaking for the African Group, urged support for South-South cooperation and the sharing of best practices.

The session on sanitation was chaired by Vice-Chair Dagmara Berbalk of Germany.

Judy Beaumont of South Africa underscored the importance of a successful CSD-13 to establish a firm foundation for future policy sessions.

Counselor Mootaz Ahmadein Khalil of Egypt identified the need to provide information on low-cost and locally-appropriate technologies.

Dinesh Mehta of UN-HABITAT urged developing demand driven strategies for sanitation.

Cuba indentified the need to protect watersheds, groundwater resources and near-shore ecosystems.

Republic of Korea addressed the need to ensure the role of national governments, while decentralizing responsibilities to local authorities.

Iran urged use of mass media, grassroots and civil society organizations and city councils to create awareness and reflect on the performance of service providers.

William Stibravy of the International Chamber of Commerce spoke on behalf of business.

Rosemary Rop of the African Civil Society Network on Water spoke for NGOs, identifying the need to address trade rules and ensure more and better aid.

Vice Chair Dagmara Berbalk of Germany conferred with participants before the afternoon session.
Plenary: Experts Panel on Human Settlements

Introduced by Vice-Chair Chin of the Republic of Korea, Maria Antonia Trujillo, Spain's minister of Housing, presents lessons learned from last year's Second World Urban Forum in Barcelona.

Professor Elliott Sclar of Columbia University discussed the recently completed report from Millennium Project Task Force 8: Improving the Lives of Slum Dwellers.

Silvia Andere of Brazil discussed Brazil's 12-year experience with improving living conditions in the precarious human settlements of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Sylvia Martinez, senior advisor with the United States' Federal Housing Finance Board, shared options for housing finance strategies aimed at the poor.
Partnership Activities

The CSD Partnerships information desk provided a selection of informative handouts on sustainable water management to attendees of the IPM.
Side Events

Two side events took place during the midday lunch break.

Sweden, the Stockholm International Water Institute and the International Water Management Institute presented a side event (left) chaired by Viveka Bohn, on the importance of water in global food security.

The UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development presented a meeting (right) with Ian Kinniburgh of the Committee for Development Policy, who spoke on the key economic issues facing UN development programs, such as aid, debt, trade and innovative sources of financing.

Around the IPM

Kevin Keeffe of Australia

Members of the Austrian delegation

Anar Karimov of Azerbaijan

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