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11th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development 
UN Headquarters, New York, 28 April - 9 May 2003

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CSD11 Highlights, Friday, May 9th

JoAnne DiSano, CSD Secretariat




CSD 11 closes and delegates agree to the Organization of Work and the Multi-Year Programme of Work of the CSD.


Chair Moosa opens the last CSD 11 Plenary

Bruno Stagno reports on WG2



During the Closing Plenary of CSD-11 on Friday, 9 May, Chair Moosa presented the decision; Agenda 21 and JPOI Implementation Track: Future Programme, Organization and Methods of Work of the Commission, as amended during the final sitting, which was adopted by acclamation. Chair Moosa invited, and the Commission adopted, the draft report of the Session (E/CN.17/ 2003/L.1), with a minor amendment from AOSIS for the report to include statements prepared by Ministers for the consultation on SIDS.

Conference Room 4, where the final CSD 11 Plenary session was held.

A member of the DESA secretariat presenting the
documents to be reviewed

Richard Ballhorn of Canada (above left) reports on outcomes of the contact group of the Future Programme of Work


Hossein Moeini Meybodi reported on the outcomes of
Working Group 1

Alexander DeBarros clarifies financial aspects relevant to the CSD


Nadine Gouzee of Belgium discusses the text with a delegate from the Netherlands

John Ashe, facilitator of the informal
consultations on SIDS

Delegate of Japan


Delegate from Australia (not Austria)


Juan Mayr, former Columbian Environment Minister (at right, above), speaks with an NGO representative

Conference room officers distribute the final documents


Members of the EU, US and Australia discussing the

Richard Ballhorn (left) and fellow
Canadian Delegate

G77 Representatives confer during the plenary

Australia speaks with Crispin Olver,
South Africa

Photo (left-right): Andrey Vasilyev and JoAnne DiSano, CSD Secretariat; Nitin Desai Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs


Delegates applaud the adoption of the CSD 11 decisions


In his closing remarks, Chair Moosa said the Session had witnessed the high attendance of Ministers, heads of UN agencies, and representatives of Major Groups, and that CSD-11 had sent a "clear message in these troubles times that most of the world is still invested in multilateral solutions to our problems." He also noted that delegates had designed an action oriented work programme for implementation at all levels, which includes the successful integration of Agenda 21, the Further Programme for the Implementation of Agenda 21, the JPOI and the Millennium Development Goals.


Major Group Representatives from the Business and Industry


Upon officially closing CSD 11, Chair Valli Moosa explained that there was no time for Major Groups to make final comments.

Prior to closing the session, he thanked outgoing Under-Secretary-General Nitin Desai for his contribution of sustainable development within the United Nations system. In a brief statement, Nitin Desai, said that the CSD is central to task of implementing sustainable development. Chair Moosa then gaveled the session to a close at 1: 25 pm.


nder-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Nitin Desai


Borge Brende, Norway's Minister for Environment, was elected CSD 12 Chair

Following adjournment of CSD- 11, Chair Moosa declared open the first meeting of CSD-12 to elect the Chairperson and Bureau. He announced that Borge Brende, Norway's Minister for Environment, had been nominated by the Western European and Others Group as Chair of CSD-12. Minister Brende was then elected CSD-12 chair, by acclamation. The Session also elected one vice-chairperson, Bruno Stagno (Costa Rica) on behalf of the Latin American and Caribbean Region. Chair Moosa said that the election of the other Bureau members would be postponed to a later date. He then adjourned the meeting of CSD-12 at 1:29 pm.

Norwegian Delegate accepting Norways appointment to chair CSD 12


Photo (left to right): Andrey Vavilov, Russian Federation; Richard Sherman, South Africa;
Leila Mead, US; Chris Spence, UK; Leslie Paas, Canada; Prisna Nuengsigkapian, Singapore

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