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CSD-13 Intergovernmental Prep Meeting
United Nations headquarters, New York
28 February - 4 March 2005

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CSD-13 IPM delegates met in parallel sessions throughout the day to discuss policy options and possible actions to address water, sanitation and human settlements.

Wednesday, 2 March
Human Settlements

The morning session was chaired by Vice-Chair Boo Nam Shin of Republic of Korea.

The afternoon panel was chaired by Vice-Chair Husniyya Mamadova of Azerbaijan.

Speaking for the G-77/China, Byron Blake of Jamaica said reducing developing countries' debt burden would free resources for slum upgrading, noting that an influx of foreign private resources targeted at slums is unlikely.

Alven Lam of the US urged matching urban youth with skills training and apprenticeships to access jobs in the local labor market.

Senegal highlighted challenges associated with rapid urbanization.

Venezuela noted the role of local construction cooperatives.

Cote D'Ivoire stressed rural development to reduce the pressure of rural-urban migration.

Jaime Sancho y Cervera of Mexico underscored the importance of regulations in preventing illegal squatting.

Krista Will of Environment Canada elaborated on a number of innovative financial measures linking infrastructure investment with sustainable development.

Jyri Juslén of Finland emphasized the need for good local governance in tackling urban challenges.

Representing the Women's Major Groups, Ann Wanjiru of the Huairou Commission stressed enabling slum dwellers to raise capital and purchase land.

The morning session on sanitation was chaired by Vice-Chair Khaled Elbakly of Egypt.

Judy Beaumont of South Africa said policy measures and actions from CSD-13 would form a crucial contribution to the 2005 review of the Millennium Declaraation.

The Netherlands highlighted that secure land tenure and equal access for women could facilitate access to loans and microcredit.

Hossein Moeini Meybodi of Iran underscored the need to recognize sanitation as a cross-sectoral issue.

UN-WATER said its terms of reference and plan of work explicitly mention sanitation activities.

Kalyan Ray of UN-HABITAT said national plans should approach sanitation provision from an IWRM perspective.

A representative of Women's Major Groups urged consideration of self-financing schemes that generate income.

The afternoon session on water was chaired by Vice-Chair Berbalk.

Speaking for the EU, Frank Wolff of Luxembourg emphasized the role of UN-WATER.

Kevin Keeffe of Australia noted the importance of separating the roles of water providers and regulators.

Sateeaved Seebaluck of Mauritius drew attention to the freshwater elements of the Mauritius Strategy.

Enele Sopoagaa of Tuvalu called for the CSD to ensure SIDS' issues are adequately addressed in each cycle, and urged the provision of finance for capacity building and technology transfer.

Speaking for NGOs, David Redhouse of WaterAid stressed the need for regular monitoring, and called for collected data to be made publicly available to ensure accountability.

Representing Trade Unions, David Boys of Public Services International called for a focus on the impacts of, inter alia, off-book accounting of long-term concessions to private operators.
Partnership Activities

During the morning sessions, the CSD Partnerships Table featured information from Capacity 2015.

A "Partnerships in Practice" presentation and interactive discussion dealt with partnership websites and databasses.

The Equator Initiative provided information at the CSD Partnerships Table during the afternoon sessions.
Around the IPM

Carmen Arévalo of Colombia intervenes.

Dinesh Mehta of UN-HABITAT confers with another delegate.

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