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Pan-African Implementation and Partnership Conference on Water

Regional Implementation Meeting in Preparation for CSD-12

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | 8 - 12 December 2003


Highlights for Tuesday, 9 December 2003

Delegates continued their discussions in the morning on the Conference’s thematic issues, including, water, sanitation and human settlements; ecosystems and livelihoods; and financing water infrastructure. An evening Plenary session considered draft recommendations from the thematic sessions.

Albert Wright, Plenary Chair.


Daniel Adom, Water Resources Commission of Ghana, highlighted a WDM pilot project conducted at the University of Ghana to assess water consumption and defective fixtures and pipes.

Doug Merrey, International Water Management Institute, presented recommendations on water for food security, which include: pursuing opportunities for innovative new technologies for agricultural water; supporting innovative approaches to investment in agricultural water; creating conditions that encourage investment and increase good returns to private and public investors while targeting poor people, especially women; promoting agricultural water in context of integrated water resources management; and supporting collaborative programmes for investment in agricultural water.

Hans Spruijt, UNICEF, presented the recommendations on rural water supply and sanitation, including, the need to: undertake a sector re-assessment to carry out reforms and prepare country action plans for attaining MDGs; integrate water supplies, sanitation and hygiene education at all levels; encourage inter-sectorial collaboration; recognize stakeholder participation in the prevention of diseases; and privatize school sanitation and hygiene education.

Eric Odada, Nairobi University, presented recommendations on protecting ecosystems and livelihoods, including: on water monitoring and assessment, accelerate technical support and capacity building; on shared water resources, prioritize equitable use and sustainable management with harmonized water quality standards; on safe water and sanitation, adopt annual national strategic plans and budgets to achieve the 2015 WSSD target; and on the involvement of stakeholders and civic society, the need to involve these groups in decision making and implementation to achieve effective water management.

William Cosgrove, World Water Council, reported on the recommendations on managing water and climate risks.
Meike van Ginneken, World Bank, presented recommendations on financing water infrastructure.

Ibraheem Olomoda, Niger Basin Authority, presented recommendations on water resource management, which note, inter alia, that regional economic communities should establish permanent integrated water resource management coordination units; strong civil society organizations and private sector participation is required; scientific and technical cooperation, mechanisms for data collection, and existing river basin organizations should be strengthened; and joint management of shared water resources should be considered as basic elements of African development and integration.


Mamadou Kane, African Union, presented recommendations on valuing and allocating water, which call on: AMCOW member States to develop comprehensive systems for valuing and allocating water resources; sub-regional representatives on the AMCOW Executive to initiate policy dialogue processes on valuing and allocating water resources; AMCOW to promote cooperation at the sub-regional level and international river basin level areas; and AMCOW to promote policy dialogue for the development of water policies taking into account the needs of women and children.


Eberhard Braune, South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, presented recommendations from the session on water wisdom, which include the need to: address human and institutional capacity building to reach the African Water Vision and the MDGs; develop capacity at all levels; strengthen partnerships with international training institutes; improve monitoring and assessment programmes; find new ways to disseminate information and knowledge sharing; and reinforce the link between the science community with decision-makers and civil society.


Cyriaque Adjinacou, Global Water Partnership, presented recommendations on governing water wisely.

Kenedid Mohamed Hadi, Counsellor at Djibouti Embassy in Addis Ababa.

From left to right: Tekka Gebru (UNICEF), Hans Spruijt (UNICEF) and Stephen M. Donkor (Conference Secretariat).

                                                                   Delegates convene in Plenary

Canadian delegation attending the conference.


Local Ethiopian dancers entertaining delegates during the day.


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