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The World Summit on Sustainable Development



Highlights from Wednesday, 4 September 2002
Closing Plenary:

With a second revision, an additional corrigendum and significant delays in Plenary for informal consultations, the political declaration was adopted without debate. WSSD Secretary-General Nitin Desai and WSSD President Thabo Mbeki delivered closing statements. President Mbeki then formally closed the meeting at 8:45 pm.

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Breaking News: Wednesday, 4 September 2002
as of 8:00 pm (GMT +2)


The Plenary met during the afternoon for a Multi-stakeholder event, involving presentations from the nine major groups. The Plenary then adopted the Plan of Implementation, which was followed by a series of interpretive statements. Of particular interest was a declaration on renewable energy introduced by Denmark on behalf of the EU and the Like Minded Group of Countries, and supported by many others. The Declaration highlights commitments regarding: the role of renewables in sustainable development and in reducing the effects of climate change; an increase in the global share of renewables; the adoption of targets; and work through partnerships.


When the draft Political Declaration, which has already undergone two recent revisions, came up for discussion the Plenary was suspended for informal consultations.
Breaking News: Wednesday, 4 September 2002
as of 1:00 pm (GMT +2)

Delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) met in Plenary to hear speeches from Heads of State and Government and senior officials throughout the day. Round Tables convened in the morning and afternoon to discuss the theme, "Making It Happen." The Vienna setting met in the morning where it reviewed and adopted revised language in the draft Plan of Implementation.  

The Main Committee convened at 12:45 am on 4 September to consider and endorse the draft Plan of Implementation. South African Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma presented a "package" on the outstanding paragraphs relating to health. Paragraph 6(d) promoting women's access and participation, eliminating violence and discrimination, and improving their status, was presented without the Canadian amendment relating to delivery of basic "health services" "in conformity with all human rights and fundamental freedoms." Paragraph 47 on strengthening the capacity of health care systems was amended such that it would deliver "health-care services" rather than "health services," and this would be "in conformity with human rights and fundamental freedoms, consistent with national laws and cultural and religious values." Paragraph 58(a) was amended such that it would promote "equitable access to health-care services" rather than "health-care and services." The package was adopted as presented.  

A revised draft Political Declaration will be available in the morning as well as information on where subsequent negotiations on the declaration will be conducted.

Listen to Collin Powell, US Secretary of State WSSD plenary address.

High Level Plenary Address:

|Afghanistan | Niue |Estonia | India

During the final session of speeches from Heads of State and other senior officials, observers in the Plenary hall protested the policies of US President George W. Bush during a statement by Colin Powell, US Secretary of State. Some of the protesters were forcibly removed from the venue.

Regarding the negotiations on the political declaration, delegates waited for a revised version which was to be released in the morning. Ongoing informal negotiations by the South African government have reportedly generated a shorter and more refined version designed reflecting many of the inputs received. A brief Main Committee meeting in the afternoon will consider the document before forwarding it to the closing Plenary.

ENB Interview:

Mark Malloch Brown, UNDP discusses the outcomes from the WSSD and examines the implications for the UN system and civil society.

Left photo L-R: ENB writer Peter Doran interviewing Mark Malloch Brown, UNDP 

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