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Welcome to IISD's Linkages Portal to the World Summit on Sustainable Development!
WSSD took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 August - 4 September 2002


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What's New!

 Introduction to the Summit
 GA Resolution on Summit

 ENB's Coverage of UNCED PrepCom IV

 ENB's Daily Coverage of UNCED

 The CSD Process: CSD 1-9

 Key Players photo Gallery

 Global Trends, Global Opportunity, Trends in Sustainable Development, Aug 2002. New UN report highlights need to address damaging trends.



Pre-Publication Release of the 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Aug 2002. Global Reporting Initiative releases a pre-publication version of the new GRI guidelines.


 Global Environmental Governance: Options and Opportunities, Aug 2002. Edited by Yale University, this book will be officially launched at the WSSD.


 World Summit Policy Briefs, July - Aug 2002. Worldwatch Institute has released its eighth policy brief on freshwater issues, and its ninth issue on mining.


 Stumbling Towards Sustainability, July 2002. A new book from the Environmental Law Institute looks at U.S. sustainable development efforts since Rio.


 WSSD Manual in Arabic, July 2002. The Arab Middle East Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation has compiled an Arabic World Summit Manual, for distribution to civil society activists from different Arab countries.


 Jo'burg Memo. Heinrich Boell Foundation's contribution to the debate on both the desired outcomes of the Summit and the critical path for the sustainable development agenda in the next decade.


 Global Environment Outlook 3, May 2002. In a 30-year retrospective analysis, UNEP's GEO-3 provides an integrated explanation of the conditions and trends, and associated policy responses, that have shaped our environmental inheritance.



10 years after Rio: the UNEP assessment, May 2002. This UNEP overview report assesses progress to date by industry on sustainability issues. It draws on 22 global sustainability reports written by different industry sectors ranging from accounting and advertising to waste and water management.



The Future is Now Vol. 3: Challenges for Indonesia, May 2002.


 Network 2002 Newsletter is produced monthly in the lead up to the Summit. Network 2002 tracks the agenda and engages dialogue, keeping your finger on the pulse.


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WSSD Outcome documents

Plan of Implementation, 10 September

Political Declaration, 10 September


Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) and ENB on-the-side daily coverage, summary and analysis of the WSSD

are available at


Sustainable Development Successes and Failures since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit

IISD's "Ten+Ten" looks at sustainable development's recent history: What has the world accomplished since 1992, where have we all fallen short and what might tomorrow look like? IISD has identified the WSSD "top 10" times two: the 10 under-celebrated successes in the last 10 years and the 10 glaring failures. Click here for Ten+Ten.


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 WSSD: Johannesburg, 26 August - 4 Sept


 Ubuntu Exhibition: Sandton, 10 Aug - 10 Sept

 Global Judges Symposium: Jo'burg, 18-20 Aug

 Int'l Youth Summit: NW Province, 19-23 Aug

 Civil Society Forum: NASREC, 19 Aug - 4 Sept

 Int'l Indigenous Peoples' Summit on Sustainable Development: Kimberly, 20-23 Aug

 7th Living Lakes Conf: Pretoria, 20-25 Aug

 Responsible Tourism: Cape Town, 21-23 Aug

 2nd S-S Biopiracy Summit: Sandton, 22-23 Aug

 Envirolaw Conference 2002: Durban, 22-25 Aug

 Implementation Conference: Indaba Hotel and IUCN Centre, 24-26 Aug

 Trade Union Summit, Preton Hotel, 24 Aug - 1 Sept

 Women's Action Tent: 25-31 Aug

 Science Forum: 26 Aug - 4 Sept

 Economy, Environment, Society: 27-28 Aug

 Local Action Moves the World: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel, 27-30 Aug

 Aspiration and Reality: Indaba Hotel, 29-30 Aug

 Water Dome: Northgate, 28 Aug - 3 Sept

 Parliamentary Workshop: Summer Place Hotel, 29-30 Aug

 IUCN's Business Day: IUCN Centre, 31 Aug

  BASD Lekgotla Business Day: 1 Sept 

  IUCN Environment Centre

  Johannesburg Climate Legacy Project



GLOBAL Preparations

Meetings, summaries, outcome documents

Regional & Subregional Prep

Meetings, summaries, outcome documents

National Preparations

National assessment reports, initiatives

Other PreparaTIONS

Meeting schedules, links to outcomes, parallel events to the Johannesburg Summit


Background info, resources, meetings

Partnerships discussions at the PrepComs

WSSD Web Links

UN official summit website



Stakeholder Forum's Earth Summit 2002

National Councils for SD and Rio+10

Sustainable Devt Issues Network

UN Development Programme's WSSD site
UNESCO's Man and Biosphere programme

UNESCO's World Water Assessment Prog


ANPED - Northern Alliance for Sustainability
- Business Action for SD
Civil Society - Civil Society Secretariat

Daily Summit - Instant News and Comment

Development Gateway - WSSD gateway

Earth Charter Initiative - Summit site

Friends of the Earth - Rio plus ten site

Greenpeace - Earth Summit 2002 site

Heinrich Böll Foundation Summit Site

IIED - Int'l Inst. for Environment and Devt
Local Government and the WSSD

LEAD - WSSD site

RIO10 - Strengthening Southern Involvement

Virtual Exhibit - Virtual Exhibit Site

Site Portail en langue Francaise
Eco-Accord and Lead WSSD site (Russian)



The Daily Summit - Instant news and comments from the WSSD

EarthWire's WSSD news portal

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Key Resources


Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) and ENB on-the-side coverage of WSSD PrepComs and side events

 PC I, 30 April - 2 May 2001, New York

 PC II, 28 January - 8 February 2002, New York

 PC III, 25 March - 5 April 2002, New York

 PC IV, 25 May - 7 June 2002, Bali, Indonesia


WSSD.Info News Issues 1 - 10

Comprehensive compilation of news articles, speeches, and editorials on the WSSD by Richard Sherman. Published fortnightly by IISD.

Issue 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b5,  6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Key meetings after PC IV

 Passing the Torch Meeting, 23-25 June, Rio de Janeiro

 Friends of the Chair Meeting, 17 July, New York,

ENS, Reuters, AP

 WSSD Briefings: 24 July; 28 June; 18 June; 14 August


Implementation Plan

 Draft Plan of Implementation,

26 June

 Review of draft Plan of Implementation, with summary of elements containing brackets, prepared by Secretariat, 28 June


WEHAB Framework Papers

Water and sanitation, Energy, Health, Agriculture, Biodiversity and ecosystem management


Partnerships/Type 2 Outcomes

 Background information and resources

 Vice-Chair's Summary on Partnerships, Annex: Guiding Principles for Partnerships

 A Guide on Potential Partnerships on ENERGY for Sustainable Development

 IUCN Partnerships meeting, 19 July, New York

 UNDP Global Round Table on Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development: Essential Principles and Practices, 18-19 July 2002, Abuja, Nigeria

 UNDP Global Round Table on Vulnerability and SIDS: Exploring Mechanisms for Partnerships, 9-10 May 2002, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Programme, logistics and other general information

 Preliminary Programme of Meetings and Activities,

13 Aug

 Information note on the Roundtables, 13 Aug

 Provisional list of speakers for WSSD general debate

, 19 Aug

 List of approved side-events, 16 Aug

 Information for participants, 13 Aug

 Information for NGOs and Major Groups

 Link to other key WSSD documents


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