Fifth Session of the Committee for the Review of the
UN Convention to Combat Desertification (CRIC 5)

12-21 March 2007 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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20 March


Highlights for Tuesday 20 March
The fifth session of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC 5) continued on Tuesday, 20 March 2007. During the morning, delegates completed Monday’s discussion on drought and desertification monitoring and assessment, and reviewed subregional and regional reports. In the afternoon, a Global Interactive Dialogue was held on investments in rural areas in the context of combating land degradation and desertification. A Friends of the Chair group met in the evening to discuss the report of CRIC 5 to the Eighth Session of the UNCCD Conference of the Parties (COP 8).


Bongani Masuku, Swaziland, chaired the session and invited participants to continue discussions on thematic topic 6 on drought and desertification monitoring and assessment.
Andreja Susnik, Slovenia, described plans to develop a Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe, which would serve as an operational centre for drought preparedness, monitoring and management for 13 southeastern European countries.
Tanveer Arif, Society for Conservation and Protection of Enviroment (SCOPE).
Djiramba Diawara, Guinea.
Pham Minh Thoa, Viet Nam.
Maria Nery Urquiza Rodriguez, Cuba.
Abdul Munaf Qaimkhani, Pakistan.
Chunlin Zang, China.
Wilfredo Alfaro Catalán, Chile.
Robert Stefanski, WMO.
Giorgi Kolbin, Georgia.

The Secretariat introduced the agenda item on the review of reports on implementation by subregional and regional groups.

Gregoire de Kabermattens, Secretariat.
Mihajlo Markovich, Bosnia and Herzegovina, reported on activities in the Northern Mediterranean region, including meetings held in Bonn in 2004 and Nairobi in 2005.
Ilie Boian, Moldova, reported on activities in Central and Eastern Europe, noting their approval of guidelines for regional cooperation, and future work on addressing deforestation and integrated watershed management.
Sergio Zelaya, Secretariat.
Rui Zheng, Secretariat.
Boubacar Cissé, Secretariat .
Raed Bani Hani, Jordan.
Kubanychbek Kulov, Kyrgyzstan.
Xin Liu, China.
Uma Swaminathan, Self Employed Women's Association.

Chair Moore introduced the global interactive dialogue on investments in rural areas in the context of combating land degradation and desertification.

Sem Shikongo, Namibia, spoke on sustainable ecotourism as a source of income in drylands, focusing on the competitive advantages of land that is marginal for agriculture but rich in indigenous biodiversity.
Cristoph Kohlmeyer, Germany, outlined the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, emphasizing that investments in agriculture and rural development in developing countries will be needed to meet many of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Yannick Glemarec,UNDP, outlined the UNDP’s work on improving access to carbon finance in drylands, noting in particular the potential for carbon cap-and-trade markets and the CDM to leverage funds for sustainable land management.
Rattan Lal, Ohio University, highlighted the importance of increasing soil organic matter, and noted the linkages between terrestrial sequestration, mitigating desertification, alleviating poverty, increasing biodiversity and improving water and element cycling.
Larwanou Mahamane, National Agronomy Research Institute, Niger, described his country’s land rehabilitation efforts over the last 30 years, including through water harvesting and farmer-managed natural resource regeneration projects.
Liliane Ortega, Switzerland.
Sajmir Hoxha, Albania.
Antonio Rocha Magalhães, Brazil.
Delegates from Finland.
  Abdulrahman Nasser Aldawoo, Saudi Arabia.  
Marc Fagot, France.
Kaoussou Diombera, Guinea-Bissau.
Wilfredo Alfaro Catalán, Chile.

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