Highlights and images for 26 July 2017



On Wednesday, 26 July, the 23rd meeting of the Plants Committee (PC23) spent the morning in working groups on African tree species, annotations for Appendix-II orchids, and rosewood timber species, and convened in plenary in the afternoon. 

Noting that orchids are a “uniquely heterogeneous family,” the working group on annotations for Appendix-II orchids, chaired by alternate Europe representative Ursula Moser (Switzerland), discussed the complexity of value chains that involve orchids and the importance and challenge of engaging industry stakeholders in this work. 

The working group on African tree species, chaired by Africa representative Aurélie Flore Koumba Pambo (Gabon), discussed how to facilitate the exchange of experiences among range states, importing countries, and others in the sustainable use and management of CITES-listed African tree species. 

In the working group on rosewood timber species, co-chaired by alternate North America representative Isabel Camarena Osorno (Mexico) and Europe representative Paulo Carmo (Portugal), participants discussed, among other things, issues related to the lack of information to support the formulation of non-detriment findings for rosewood species.

In the afternoon plenary, PC Chair Adrienne Sinclair praised participants for their efforts on the “complex” issues addressed in working groups. Participants considered documents and agenda items on: agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp.); African cherry (Prunus africana); the outcomes of the international workshop on CITES-listed tree species; and possible amendments to Resolution Conf. 10.13 (Rev. CoP15) on implementation of the Convention for timber species. They also noted regional reports.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Sean Wu
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Rosewood Timber Species

View of the dais in the working group on rosewood timber species

César Beltetón, PC representative for Central and South America and the Caribbean

Thomasina Oldfield, TRAFFIC

Delegates in the working group on rosewood timber species

Ankit Yogi, Overseas Traders

PC Chair Adrianne Sinclair, Canada, consulting with Greg Leach, PC representative for Oceania

Karen Winfield, Global Eye

Jago Wadley, Environmental Investigation Agency

Annotations for Appendix-II Orchids

View of the dais in the working group on annotations for Appendix-II orchids

Catherine Rutherford, Switzerland

Jacob Phelps, International Union for Conservation of
Nature (IUCN)

Luisa Corbetta, Italy

African Tree Species

Paticipants in the working group on African tree species

Rosemarie Gnam, US

Chair Aurélie Flore Koumba Pambo, PC representative for Africa

Nils Bourland, Belgium

Narcisse Lambert Mbarga, Cameroon


View of the dais during the afternoon plenary

Susanne Breitkopf, Environmental Investigation Agency

Noeleen Smyth, UK

Interpreters at work during the plenary session

Delegates from Italy

Marco Ciambelli, France

Ali Mahamane, PC representative for Africa

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